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About Ethiopian Opal Wedding Rings

The Ethiopian opal wedding rings are widely cherished for the unique and mysterious play-of-colors owing to the vibrant appearance of this opal. The mesmerizing color play is in similitude with the spectacular colors of galaxy or a rainbow which is a sight to behold and are adored by the women who will love a touch of glamour. Our adorable Ethiopian opal wedding bands are an excuse to bring the many metaphysical benefits of the Ethiopian opal into the lives of the queen of your heart.

If not for the supernatural beliefs associated with the gemstone, we are definitely in love with their unique colorful play which has motivated the team of jewelers at Rosec Jewels to curate exceptional engagement rings and wedding bands featuring the hues of the Ethiopian opal. In an attempt to assure the quality of our Ethiopian rings for women we stick to the fine and delicate metal details along with all the quality factors of the Ethiopian opal.

Ethiopian Opal Wedding Ring Meaning

The exceptional fire and spark of the Ethiopian opals in wedding bands are an embodiment of a relationship’s spark and fire.

Ponder Over the 4 C’s of Ethiopian Opal Wedding Bands

  • Color: The extraordinary play of color pattern coupled with the milky white or a crystal clear body color has emerged as the desirable factor while buying Ethiopian opal wedding rings.
  • Clarity: The clarity factor for Ethiopian opal wedding bands defines the degree of transparency along with the absence of inclusions.
  • Cut: The cut factor for the Ethiopian Opal is responsible for improvising the overall color and brilliance by the extraordinary skills of the lapidarist. The opal can be cut into almost all the standard and fancy cuts such as round, oval, cushion, marquise, princess and many more.
  • Carat: The sizes of Ethiopian opals while buying wedding rings for men and women are measured in carat weight which should not be confused with the measure of visible sizes.

Ethiopian Opal Wedding Band FAQs

  1. Can you use Ethiopian opal in wedding ring?

    Yes, Ethiopian opals can be used in wedding rings owing to the great affordability and durability of the gemstone.

  2. Are opals bad luck for wedding rings?

    No, Ethiopian opal rings are not bad luck when used as a means to embark on the journey of marriage.

  3. What does an Ethiopian opal wedding ring symbolize?

    Ethiopian opal rings signify the unique fire and spark in the relationship you wish to take towards a lifetime of commitment.

  4. How to clean Ethiopian Opal Wedding Ring at home?

    In order to clean Ethiopian opal wedding ring it is recommended to make use of lukewarm water and mild cleaning detergent. Soft toothbrush or a cotton cloth should be used to clean the underside of the Ethiopian opal.

  5. Are Ethiopian opals of good quality?

    In order to assure the quality of the Ethiopian opal studded in your wedding ring one should check for the SGL certificate which defines the said gemstone in all the quality factors for quality assurance of the gold wedding bands.