Diamond Earrings

Diamond Earrings

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What Are Diamond Earrings?

As the name suggests, earrings with diamonds are known as diamond earrings. Diamonds are precious gemstones and after their discovery and being made popular by DeBeers, they are known to be a girl’s best friend. Diamonds score a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness thereby making them suitable for use for a whole lifetime. It is said that only a diamond can make a scratch on the other diamond. They are carbon allotropes thereby making them rare and of different types

Why Choose Diamond Earrings?

There are many reasons to choose diamond earrings. Some of them are:

  • Gemstone of a lifetime: Diamonds are the hardest gemstones ever known to mankind. Only a diamond can scratch the surface of another diamond. They rank a perfect 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness thereby making them almost unscratchable and unharmable.
  • Precious stone: When cut by an excellent craftsman, diamond can sparkle brilliantly and the beauty it adds to the looks and personality can be overwhelming (and secretly can be a weapon of jealousy!)
  • Birthstone: If your beloved happens to be an April baby, what better than diamond to start your intertwined journey as Diamond happens to be the birthstone for the month of April!
  • Representation: Diamond represents eternity and depths of the emotions. What better stone to begin your journey together that will last for an eternity along with the witness to it- your diamond!

  • Buy Diamond Earrings From Rosec Jewels

    Here at rosec jewels, we have a variety of diamond earrings to offer you. We believe that you deserve a piece as special as your feelings are. Our designs range from minimalistic to chunky to suit your tastes and requirements. Our vast range includes diamond stud earrings, diamond dangle earrings, princess cut diamond earrings etc.

    Our designs are intricate and feature the western culture as well as our Indian roots. They are meant to go with your daily looks as well as to help you rock your outfits just the way you do! Show your beautiful feminine side with our beautiful range of diamond earrings meant to showcase your personality and inner goddess to the world! Choose from Rose, white and yellow gold for the metal band. We offer designs in 14k and 18k varieties. Some pieces are also available in 10k option.

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