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Tanzanite Rings

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Tanzanite Ring And Its Significance

Tanzanite is a stunning Royal Blue stone that also happens to be the birthstone for the month of December. This beautiful stone is said to provide the gifts of spiritual knowledge, honesty and truth to the wearer. Tanzanite Engagement Rings are special as in the stone is rare, has a breathtaking color and intense depth. It is known to imbue renewed optimism, prosperity and good fortune to its wearer. It is the stone of new beginnings and is well known for its positive traits.

A place known as Merelani, an area in Northern Tanzania is known to be the origin of Tanzanite gemstone. It was given the name Tanzanite by Tiffany and Company who chose to name it after the country of origin so as to arouse the interest of the buyers. The name reflects upon the limited geographical reserves of the beautiful gem. Thus it is also called “the gem of a generation”. Tanzanite is known for its trichroic nature i.e., one can see a myriad of hues when this stone is seen in different lights and angles.

A stone that is rarer than diamonds but is more affordable than the same is in rage amongst the brides nowadays. Tanzanite rings are delicate as in the stone is low on hardness and requires care to last long. Though delicate, tanzanite rings are exquisite and look great on every skin tone. Also, the stone color is enticing and looks great on every dress be it casual dailys, enticing evening dresses, even business formals.

Is Tanzanite Good For Engagement Rings?

Tanzanite is perfect for your engagement ring because of the following reasons:

  • Originality: Show your timeless and unique love to your partner with Tanzanite rings. A timeless stone with its fire and color is perfect to show how unconditional you are.
  • Increasing Value: As they say, the greater the demand, the more its price. Tanzanite reserves are expected to dry up irreversibly in the next decade. The stone will have an increased price then because of the scarcity in the supply. The value of this stone will be increasing day by day as it will be passed down through generations.
  • A Statement Stone: The royal intense blue color of tanzanite adds grace to the personality like none else. Tanzanite is a rare, sophisticated and bold stone that symbolises elegance and style.
  • A Token of Your Love: Tanzanite signifies a unique, one of a kind love. Buying the perfect engagement ring that complements your partner’s needs and interests need extra care which shows how much you value your love interest.
  • A Heirloom: All the characteristics of a family heirloom i.e. symbolism, timeless style and rarity are all present in Tanzanite Rings.
  • Pairing: Tanzanite jewelry can be easily paired with other jewelry and gemstones. The gemstone color and tanzanite rings in general add grace to the overall look even when stacked!

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