Tanzanite Earrings

Tanzanite Earrings


What Are Tanzanite Earrings?

Tanzanite is a blue purple stone which is named after Tanzania, the country of its origin. Mostly found in Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzanite is the rarest of the gemstone. This stone is geographically very limited to only a few areas. If it is a centrestone in the earrings, they are known as Tanzanite Earrings. A high quality tanzanite stone is dark violet/ deep blue. Stones that are light colored are usually considered low quality.

Tanzanite is a great stone to wear in the earrings as it is a soft stone and wearing it in earrings makes sure you wear your Tanzanites safely and securely. When a good care is taken of, this beautiful gemstone exudes a brilliant sparkle and looks great with every ensemble.

Why Choose Tanzanite Earrings?

Color: Tanzanite is rare in its ability to complement everyone considering the colored gemstones rarely compliment every skin tone but Tanzanite with its beautiful blue color suits every color complexion no matter how rich or how pale it might be.

Versatility: The beautiful color allows tanzanite to blend in with all the metals. Our designs allow tanzanite to be complemented with all the golds (rose, yellow and white) our designs allow the interplay of colors to create beautiful effects that you can never have enough of!

Beauty: Tanzanite adds royalty to the already beautiful looks that you have. This beautiful stone is always complementary to the beautiful looks that you have daily be it the casual dress, the royal evening gowns, elegant evening out with your beloved or a formal business attire.

Buy Tanzanite Earrings From Rosec Jewels

Here at Rosec Jewels, we are committed to provide you our best! We know you are beautiful, unique and stunning and deserve a pair that exudes the same vibes. That is why we have created our range so that it suits your desires and needs as well as satisfies your pangs for exclusivity. Our wide range of tanzanite earrings include but is not limited to tanzanite stud earrings, tanzanite drop earrings, tanzanite dangle earrings etc. Our designs are carved from solid gold and are available in a gold purity of 14k and 18k. Though in some designs, a purity of 10k is available too.

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