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Garnet Ring And Its Significance

Garnet is a beautiful red gemstone. Because of its red color, many people consider Garnets as the gems mimicking ruby though this is not true, Garnets are deeper red in color unlike Ruby. Garnets are the birthstones for the month of january though you don’t need to be a january baby to wear a Garnet! Garnet signifies love, fire and passion which makes a garnet ring very appropriate for
engagement rings.

Garnet gets its name from Pomegranate as it comes very close to the pomegranate seeds in appearance. Garnet doesn’t need any treatment to enhance its color. They are said to be unaffected from the treatments such as diffusion, heat and irradiation.

Garnet is also associated with success in business and in life, and is supposed to exude high energies, increased fertility of the wearer and popularity among friends.Garnet is a semi precious stone that is beautiful to look at and adds fire and passion to your relationships along with looking great on the fingers of the wearer.

Is Garnet Good For An Engagement Ring ?

Since times immemorial, garnets have signified victory, love and life force. Garnet signifies passion and is deemed to add fire to your relationships which means that marking the start of your new relationships with garnet wedding ring will ensure that passion in your relationship never dies and fire in it is always burning high making garnet the ideal stone to mark the start of your beautiful everlasting relationship.

While picking up a larger garnet stone, give importance to clarity and color. Inclusions, fractures and tiny internal crystals and inclusions mustn’t interfere with the beauty of the stone or be visible to the naked eye. In case of picking up small stones, pay attention to the cut of the stone.

Buy Garnet Ring From Rosec Jewels

Here at Rosec Jewels, we source authentic garnet gemstones as well as high quality metal to make your ring look perfect. We offer Garnet rings in a plethora of varieties as in garnet birthstone rings, wedding rings, vintage rings, garnet eternity bands etc. Quality that we offer are 10k, 14k and 18k in yellow, rose and white gold. Our designs are inclusive of beautiful Indian style though not limited to it due to our cultural influence and it provides you rings like no other! Beautiful intricate original designs to chunky pieces, we have it all. We customise as per your tastes and preferences too.

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