Citrine Rings

Citrine Rings

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What is Citrine Ring and Its Significance?

Citrine is a beautiful yellow gem and is thought to attract and provide love along with attracting wealth and sustainability. Legend has it that citrine is associated with health and prosperity and is considered to protect from physical harm as well.

Citrine ring is said to bring an astonishing sense of cheerfulness and happiness to its wearer and promotes mental peace and health for the ultimate well being. With the stone offering so much, does it not make it ideal to mark the start of your relationship with it? Citrine is a beautiful stone available in different shades of yellow to suit your needs and desires. Yellow is considered to be a happy color, the one that promotes happiness and liveliness in the life of the wearer. Such an optimistic stone deserves its spot.

Natural Citrine Rings And Lab created Citrine?

Nature in the raw creates citrines by heating Smoky Quartz or Amethyst. Deep brown citrines are also available in nature but they are even more rare than the other citrine categories. Lab heated citrines are made in the same way. You can tell if the citrine is lab heated by looking at its tips. Color will be more concentrated at the tips though white at the bottom. Lab heated citrine will be crumbly and can fall apart easily as the heat weakens the bonds in citrine.

Lab created citrine at rosec jewels is of high quality and doesn’t break apart easily as we have regulated conditions for the purpose and we take care to heat for only the required time which makes it possible to achieve a beautiful color along with the gem strength that you seek.

Buy Lab Created and Natural Citrine From Rosec Jewels ?

Rosec Jewels is based in Jaipur and we offer a beautiful variety of citrine rings. We offer fine jewellery and our designs are exclusive because of the knowledge of local influence too. We offer a wide variety of citrine rings that range from citrine eternity wedding bands antique citrine rings, citrine promise rings etc. We use yellow, rose and white gold for the rings.

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