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  1. What do yellow sapphire earrings signify?  

    Apart from being one of the most graceful earrings of all times, yellow sapphire earrings are also known as the gemstone of knowledge because of their ties with Planet Jupiter and are even believed to bring health, wealth and love to the life of the wearer. It is even believed to protect against evil energies. Yes, everything together combined! It is even known to be a chakra of relationships. That even makes them a great gift for your significant other.  

  2. Which metal is best for yellow sapphire earrings?  

    Gold is known to be one of the best metals for yellow sapphire earrings. Apart from the timeless beauty of yellow, rose and white gold, the durability and luster of Solid Gold metal is something else since it hardly tarnishes.  

  3. Can you wear yellow sapphire earrings everyday?  

    Since it is made of corundum mineral and has a hardness of 9 on Moh’s Scale, it is one of the most durable gemstone to be worn for earrings. Whether you wear yellow sapphire hoop earrings or stud earrings, these can take everyday wear and tear, making them a perfect pick for regular use.  

  4. How to care for Yellow Sapphire Earrings?  

    Well, a little care wont hurt anybody and it would help you maintain the unused look of your yellow sapphire earrings as well. Natural sapphire can be cleaned in ultrasonic cleaners. Make sure to remove your earrings when bathing to minimize the chemical exposure. You can always clean your earrings with a mild clean mixture of soap and water and dry it with a soft towel.  

  5. What are the different earring styles in yellow sapphire earrings?  

    The earring styles of yellow sapphire earrings include something as classic as stud earrings, drop earrings, hoop earrings, halo earrings to something as intricate as heart earrings and dangle earrings. Every style beautiful in their own sweet way!  

About Yellow Sapphire Earrings

Yellow Sapphire: a semi precious gemstone as bright as the sunshine. Having ties with Jupiter and being a symbol of happiness and warmth, Yellow Sapphire Earrings have been a trendy pick among women. Not just because of the value it holds for them but also because of its mesmerizing lemon yellow color. Earrings are already one of the most favorite jewelry pieces to adorn among women and when combined with the lifelike shine of yellow, who would be able to resist them! Whereas on one hand yellow sapphire stud earrings make for a sparkling yet classic style statement,yellow sapphire drop earrings make for a girly and trendy fashion statement. All just as stunning!  

You choose the occasion, yellow sapphire earrings got you covered. Being handcrafted by our artisans, yellow sapphire earrings are known to hold divine spiritual value as well. It is known to bring good health, prosperity, fame and is even believed to make the bond of lovers stronger as well. These earrings are a perfect combination of vigor and grace. The color yellow can light up your life with its youthful shine after all. Having been crafted in Solid Gold Metal further amplifies the beauty of these yellow gold sapphire earrings. Whether you purchase them in yellow gold, rose gold or white gold, the charm would be just as much.  

Benefits of Yellow Sapphire Earrings  

  • Yellow Sapphire Earrings are known to bring prosperity, good luck and wealth to the life of the wearer.  

  • Since the color yellow itself is so joyful, Yellow Sapphire Earrings are also known to enhance happiness, peace and courage.  

  • Yellow Sapphire Earrings are also known to inhabit healing powers such as protection from accidents, boosting of blood circulation and treatment of lung and throat infections  

  • Since it has ties with planet Jupiter, it is known to enhance wisdom as well.  

Know the 4 Cs of Yellow Sapphire Earrings

  • Cut 

    The intricate cut of yellow sapphire earrings ranges from as simple as round and geometric to as profound as teardrop, floral, heart and infinity. 

  • Clarity 

    Yellow Sapphire Earrings are known to possess great clarity, ranging from AAA, i.e eye clean clarity to A with visible blemishes. 

  • Color 

    The lifelike bright yellow color of yellow sapphire earrings is unparalleled. Ranging from medium toned to saturated yellow, the color of yellow sapphire earrings is intensely bright.  

  • Carat

    The carat weight of Yellow sapphire earrings ranges from 0.01 to 2 CT.