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  1. What makes Orange Sapphire unique compared to other Sapphire colors?

    Orange Sapphire stands out for its vibrant and warm orange hue that is reminiscent of the sunshine. It gives off a joyful and happy vibe that makes this gemstone such a prized possession.

  2. What factors affect the quality of an Orange Sapphire necklace?

    Before you set out to shop Orange Sapphire Necklaces online, you must consider the following quality determining factors to make a smart purchase:

    • Color: Orange Sapphire with a vibrant orange hue and vivid to strong color saturation is best valued.

    • Clarity: Orange Sapphires that showcase an eye-clean clarity are placed great value upon.

    • Cut: Having a considerable impact on the color as well as clarity of the gemstone, the Cut isn’t something one should neglect. A cut that optimizes the Sapphire’s interaction with light and masks inclusions at best is considered good quality.

  3. Is an Orange Sapphire necklace suitable for everyday wear?

    Yes, absolutely!

    Striking an above hardness of 9 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, Genuine Orange Sapphire are considered a durable choice to withstand the wear and tear of everyday wear.

  4. What occasions are Orange Sapphire necklaces suitable for?

    Whichever occasion you decide to slip it over to!

    From Simple Orange Sapphire Necklace to vintage and contemporary ones, we handcraft them in an array of designs that fit with all kinds of occasions and senses of style.

  5. What is the price range for Orange Sapphire necklaces?

    The price of Orange Sapphire Pendant Necklace ranges between $200 to $1000 in our collection.

Orange Sapphire Necklace

Choose to be your own sunshine by slipping on a vibrant Orange Sapphire Necklace. The best part? Our collection of the finest Orange Sapphire Gold Necklaces has been made to cater to different occasions, personalities, and senses of style. So rest assured, you’ll find a favorite here. Hop on to discover the many options:

Introduction to Orange Sapphire- The Bright September Birthstone

A proud member of the Corundum family of minerals, Orange Sapphire is recognized as the birthstone of September. It comes hued in a range of eye-striking hues, right from light to intense orange-red. In fact, its vibrant appearance is the very reason behind the coveted aesthetic appeal of Natural Orange Sapphire Necklace.

Different Styles of Orange Sapphire Necklaces

  • Orange Sapphire Solitaire Necklace

    Meant to be slipped on everyday, Orange Sapphire Solitaire Necklace is defined by a Single Stone of Orange Sapphire that takes all the center stage. The size of the Solitaire typically ranges between 4 to 6 MM. This Simple Orange Sapphire Necklace (with a vibrant pop of orange) makes for a modern classic that can be slipped on everyday without appearing boring.

  • Orange Sapphire Halo Necklace

    Perfect for the sparkle-loving women, Orange Sapphire Halo Necklace features an encircling row of Diamond/Moissanite all around the center stone of Orange Sapphire. What sets it apart from the classic solitaire style is that the Halo not only complements its bright centerpiece with sparkles but also lends more personality and a larger-looking size to this Orange Sapphire Pendant. So if bling is your thing, don’t look any further!

  • Vintage Orange Sapphire Necklace

    A Vintage-inspired Orange Sapphire Pendant Necklace draws inspiration from the old-world eras, specifically- Art Deco, Victorian, and Georgian Eras. Not only does it stand out for its old-school appeal but the embellishment of the vibrant centerpiece of Orange Sapphire lends it an eye-catching touch. So, wherever you choose to wear it, it will catch many eyes looking like a unique piece of art.

  • Orange Sapphire Heart Necklace

    Just like the name suggests, Orange Sapphire Heart Necklace is characterized by the center stone of Heart Shape Orange Sapphire that is meant to take all the attention. Be it an occasion as romantic as Valentines Day or just because, this Orange sparkler makes for the perfect emblem of love for your ladylove.

Gemstone and Metal Quality Used in Necklace

When you decide to shop Orange Sapphire Necklaces online from us, we want you to be no less than 100 % sure about the quality. Standing true to that, we make it a point to adhere to highest standards of quality while handcrafting your beloved pieces:

  • Gemstone Quality: We only offer Orange Sapphire that fetch a quality grade of AAA, implying that they are well saturated in color and showcase an eye-clean clarity.

  • Metal: We handcraft each piece in high-quality hallmarked Gold and Silver. Besides, we also facilitate you with a variety of eye-pleasing options in tones of Gold, including white, yellow, and rose gold.

Orange Sapphire Necklace Care and Maintenance

Once you buy Orange Sapphire Necklace, it’s equally important for you to care for your beloved bauble the right way to ensure that it doesn’t lose its shine and beauty over time. Here are the tips and tricks you need to swear by to do that:

  • For Cleaning
    1. Prepare a cleaning mix of mild detergent/soap and water that has been heated to moderate temperatures. Immerse your Orange Sapphire Pendant in it for a good duration of 10-15 minutes to eliminate all the accumulated dirt, oil, and grime.

    2. Meanwhile, make sure to scrub off all the excess filth from the surface gently.

    3. Once done, remove the residual soap by placing the necklace under clean, running water for a while.

    4. Finally, pat it dry with a microfiber cloth. Follow this regime religiously every once a month and you’ll see your Sapphire shining as good as new.

  • For Caring
    1. While a Real Orange Sapphire Necklace is durable enough, it’s important to store it separately, far away from harder gemstones like Diamond that are capable of scratching it.

    2. Don’t overexpose your sparkler to harmful chemicals since they can deteriorate the quality and appearance of your gemstone. For that, make sure to put on makeup, hairsprays, and other chemical-loaded products before slipping on the necklace.

    3. Take it off while doing strenuous physical exercises like swimming, gardening, cooking, playing sports, etc., to avoid any accidental damages.

    4. Make it a ritual to take your necklace to a jewelry professional every once a year to maintain its quality at its finest.

Rosec Jewels Buy Orange Sapphire Necklace

Rosec Jewels is deemed as the ultimate destination to buy Orange Sapphire necklace online for all the right reasons. Let’s acquaint you with them:

  • Certified Gemstone: Each gemstone necklace handcrafted by us goes through legitimate stages of quality-check to be certified by a reputable gemological laboratory. We hand out a certificate of authenticity along with each parcel to assure you of that.

  • Versatile Catalog: Our collection of Genuine Orange Sapphire Necklaces has something in store for everyone. Whether you like to stick to classics, are somewhat old-school, or fancy everything contemporary, you’ll find something that fits your sense of style here.

  • Hallmarked Gold: The Gold we handcraft your necklaces in has been hallmarked by a reputable gemological authority, assuring you of its purity.