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  1. Is it good to wear Rose Quartz Ring?

    Yes! Rose Quartz has long been hailed as the stone of unconditional love, which makes it a fine choice for Rings. Moreover, it imparts mystical astrological benefits to the wearer:

    • Physical Healing: It is believed to promote healthy blood circulation, and cure ailments related to muscles, kidneys, lungs, chest, and breathing.

    • Emotional Healing: A Real Rose Quartz Ring wards off negative energies, helps fight against depression and anxiety, and imparts inner peace, confidence, and self-love to the wearer. It has also been regarded as a great meditative stone for that very reason.

  2. What finger should I wear a rose quartz ring?

    It is astrologically recommended to slip on this Pink Quartz Ring over the ring finger to activate the heart chakra and take advantage of its loving and compassionate energy.

  3. How much is a Rose Quartz Ring worth?

    In an emotional sense, Rose Quartz is considered highly valuable for the meaningful symbolism and astrological benefits that it bestows on the wearer. While if we speak in monetary terms, the price of this January Birthstone Ring in our collection ranges from $300 to $900.

  4. Can I wear Rose Quartz Ring every day?

    Rose Quartz strikes an above-par hardness rating of 7 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale, which makes it a durable pick for everyday wear. However, that doesn’t mean that you can be entirely sloppy with the care and maintenance of your Rose Quartz Gold Ring that help it stay as good as new. 

  5. How can you tell if Rose Quartz Ring is real?

    Differentiating between a Real Rose Quartz Ring and its synthetic counterpart isn’t as difficult as it may sound. We have narrowed down the super easy ways for you to do it yourself, without the assistance of a professional:

    • Technically, synthetic Rose Quartz is composed of Glass which is why it is natural for some gas to get trapped inside its surface in the form of tiny bubbles. The easiest way to identify them is by subjecting your Rose Quartz to a magnifying glass. If you can spot them, then we’re sorry to break it to you but your Rose Quartz might be an imitation.

    • A Naturally formed Rose Quartz is often home to some inclusions, which lends it a cloudy appearance. So, if you find your Rose Quartz sparkler to be surprisingly transparent, it is more often than not a fake one.

    • Last but not the least, Natural Rose Quartz is considered a fairly durable gemstone. So, you can undertake a Hardness test to check its authenticity. If it takes more than usual to scratch (say) a piece of glass, that might be because it is fake.

  6. Do you sleep with Rose Quartz?

    Rose Quartz is widely renowned as the stone that improves the sleep cycle of the wearer and bestows him/her with positive dreams. So yes, it is astrologically recommended to put it under the pillow before dozing off at night.

Rose Quartz Rings

Embrace the soft girl side of yours by slipping on your favorite from our eye-catching collection of Rose Quartz Rings! These pretty Pink Sparklers have been gracefully handcrafted to speak to a myriad of occasions, personalities, and aesthetics.

What is Rose Quartz Ring?

Rose Quartz is a semi-precious gemstone that commemorates the month of January with its feminine charm. In the simplest terms, it is a pink color variety of Quartz. If we speak of its delicate hue in a broader context, it ranges from pale pink to medium-dark pink color. Needless to mention- it is the kind of pink that oozes romance which is practically what makes the Rose Quartz Engagement Ring such a desirable pick.

But if you look beyond its aesthetics, a Real Rose Quartz Ring carries a symbolic meaning that tells you why people wear Rose Quartz Rings in an astrological sense.

Symbolically, it has long been regarded as the stone of unconditional love and compassion (which goes without saying since it possesses ties with the Heart Chakra.) The pretty pink hue of this gemstone itself reflects femininity, calmness, and gentleness, which is why our Rose Quartz Rings especially speak to women. 

Everything said and done, let’s make you fall in love with this lovely gemstone all over again with our alluring collection of Rose Quartz Gold Rings!

Our Handcrafted Collection of Rose Quartz Rings for Women

  • Rose Quartz Solitaire Ring

    Just like the name suggests, the Beautiful Center Stone of Rose Quartz solely takes all the limelight in this ring style. Its understated yet evergreen appeal makes it a favorite for those looking for a Classic Rose Quartz Engagement Ring. Moreover, it is quite versatile in the sense that it caters to many aesthetics. While Round Shape Rose Quartz Rings ooze a conventional charm, those fashioned in fancier shapes like pear, marquise, or princess appear more flamboyant. On the other hand, shapes like an Asscher, Emerald, or Cushion appeal to those on the lookout for a subtly Vintage Rose Quartz Ring.

  • Rose Quartz Halo Ring

    In a Halo Style, the center stone of Rose Quartz is beautified by a parade of Diamond/Moissanite all around. A Halo miraculously transforms the aesthetics of your Classic Solitaire of Rose Quartz by not only penning the spotlight on its beauty but also making it appear larger. That makes it a unique cum relatively flashy Rose Quartz Engagement Ring.

  • Multiple Stone Rose Quartz Ring

    By Multiple Stone Rings, we’re referring to the ones that are adorned with twin or triple stones of Rose Quartz that are uniformly arranged in a row. In case you can’t get enough of the romantic pink splash of Rose Quartz and have worn out of the Simple Solitaire Style, this might be your best pick. Bringing light to its emotional value, a Two Stone Rose Quartz Ring commemorates the union of two people. While our Three Stone Rose Quartz Gold Ring reflects upon the beautiful journey of the couple, with each of the three stones signifying the past, present, and future respectively.

  • Rose Quartz Eternity Ring

    A standout among all the other styles, a Rose Quartz Eternity Ring is ornamented with Rose Quartz all over the band. If you’re too fascinated by the subtle pink pop of color of Rose Quartz and want your ring to be all about it, look no further! Moreover, it goes much beyond aesthetics to speak to the wearer. True to its style, it is regarded as the token of eternal love, which is what drives great appeal for the Rose Quartz Wedding Ring. 

  • Vintage-inspired Rose Quartz Ring

    Treasured as a wearable work of art, a Vintage Rose Quartz Ring is defined by old-school designs from the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco Eras. Precisely, it is ornamented with great detailing in abstract patterns as well as milgrain, filigree, and other antique engravings. So, if you wish to lend an old-world charm to your romantic Rose Quartz, your hunt might end here.

  • Rose Quartz Cocktail Ring

    Anything but ordinary, a Rose Quartz Cocktail Ring boasts a large and flashy center stone of Rose Quartz that is further beautified by eye-striking patterns of Diamond/Moissanite. If you wish to go all out with your choice of accessory, the extravagant and flamboyant appeal of this Pink Quartz Ring style won’t disappoint. It could be lent an interesting visual appeal with floral motifs or vintage-inspired metalwork. 

  • Rose Quartz Wedding Ring

    Just like the eternity, a Rose Quartz Wedding Ring is encrusted with a continuous row of Rose Quartz. Its versatility is such that it can range from a Classic Rose Quartz Band Ring and go ahead to be much more ornate with braided, diamond accentuated, or even designer Band Rings. Symbolically, it celebrates the union of two people as one for a lifetime and beyond!

  • Rose Quartz Promise Ring

    Unlike any other ring style, a Rose Quartz Promise Ring isn’t defined by a specific design. As much as you’ll love it as a simple Rose Quartz Solitaire Ring (that isn’t any more than 4 MM in size), you would find it just as charming when adorned with diamond/moissanite and iconic floral, nature-inspired, and infinity motifs. Needless to mention- a Rose Quartz Heart Ring is the most romantic ring in this category. True to its name, it reflects upon the promise of lifelong commitment and is often exchanged between couples before engagement.