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  1. What are the various types of Tragus earrings available?

    For people with Tragus piercings certainly find many types of earrings, such as the 14k silver and the 14k gold tragus earrings, round-shaped diamond earrings, marquise diamond earrings, Christmas tree-shaped earrings and so on.

  2. How much will the Tragus earrings cost?

    The cost of these earrings, especially from stores like Rosec Jewellery, will cost between £250 to £550 on average. But you will find earrings that are £750 or more than that.

  3. What are the various types of Tragus piercings available?

    You will come across many types of Tragus piercings, such as Anti-Tragus, Vertical Tragus, Surface Tragus and also Double Tragus.

  4. Where can I purchase the Tragus earring?

    If you wish to purchase the Tragus earrings, you can easily get them from a reliable online jewellery store. Once you choose and pay for the earrings, it will get delivered to you within 3 to 5 business days.

  5. What are the popular types of gems used for making Tragus earrings?

    Tragus earrings are mostly made out of Diamonds, but you will also find them in Ruby, Freshwater Pearl, Moissanite, Emerald, Opal, Moonstone and many more.

Tragus Earrings

When planning to begin your own "ear piercing", you should begin small. So, in these situations, opting for the tragus earrings will be an excellent choice. Tragus is known as a cartilage piercing, which is perfect for individuals who are getting their ear pierced for the first time.

These minimalistic and classic earrings are one of the favourites of A-listers like Rihanna and Scarlett Johansson. But in this modern age, it has become a trend to have these piercings, and many women across the globe are getting them done.

Tragus Piercings: A Brief Definition

Tragus comes in a triangle and rounded shape, but it can vary in shape and size from one individual to another. Some people get a "pronounced Tragus", but there are some who do not have a Tragus. But having a Tragus means making it ideal for getting a cute and eye-catching piercing.

This location for the piercing will make the tragus piercing jewellery speak for itself. Even if you wear a tiny gemstone or a simple cartilage stud, it will provide both eye-catching and understated style.

Besides that, Tragus receives lesser blood supply when compared to other areas. Due to such reasons, there is a high chance of getting scarring or infection. That's why you have to be a bit stringent when it comes to piercing and the aftercare that follows.

Even though this type of piercing might not be suitable for every individual, don't avoid or get scared of it.

The Various Kinds of Tragus Piercings

Before you gain some more information about the tragus hoop earrings, let’s learn about the several types of Tragus piercings where you can easily place these beautiful earrings,

  1. The Surface Tragus Piercing

    This type of piercing is known as a "dupe" of the Tragus piercing. In other words, rather than puncturing the cartilage, you can only get your skin pierced. Surface Tragus gets placed in the area where the piercing is, and it's mainly because the jewellery is located right below the skin.

    But there is a possibility that the human body might reject it. But if you do experience this type of situation, the body will view the piercing as a foreign object which needs to be moved out from the body completely.

  2. The Anti-Tragus Piercing

    When you pinch the earlobe, you will surely feel a triangle-shaped cartilage, which sticks out right above it. That is known as the "Anti-Tragus".

    This type of piercing is perfect for all the trendsetters out there who wish to add some flair to an ear lobe piercing. But this type of piercing is also ideal for people who want their silver or gold tragus earrings to stand out and wish to look unique.

  3. The Double Tragus Piercing

    This is another type of piercing which is pretty popular among many people. The double-Tragus is located in the same place as the standard one. This means it's located on the cartilage's flap, which covers the ear canal.

    The double Tragus will need different piercings at your ear canal. Make sure to work with an expert piercer so that you get to space them properly.

  4. The Vertical Tragus Piercing

    The vertical Tragus is situated in the same spot as the traditional Tragus. This is also where you place gold tragus jewellery to add an extra level of style. Here, the piercing goes inside and out of the Tragus instead of going through the cartilage and near the ear canal.

    Professionals utilise a curved barbell for the vertical Tragus, and it will surely look beautiful on people who have a prominent Tragus section.

The Popular Types of Tragus Earrings Worth Purchasing

When you have a piercing in your Tragus, you should place a tiny and attractive piece of jewellery on it. You will come across several kinds of real gold tragus earrings, which will not just make you look stylish but will also enable you to stand out among others. Some of these earrings are

  • Marquise Diamond with Simple Gold Tragus Earrings

  • Ethiopian Opal and Moissanite 3-Stone Tragus Earrings

  • Diamond Gold Bar Tragus with Black Enamel

  • Baguette and Round Cut Diamond Cluster Cartilage Earrings

These are some of the popular earrings that you can place in your Tragus, and they are also available at a reasonable price.

How Beneficial Are the Tragus Earrings?

Wearing the gemstone tragus earrings will surely make you look unique and also improve your appearance greatly. But getting these earrings will also provide you with many great benefits. Some of these are:

  • These earrings are ideal for everyone, which means both girls and boys can wear them.

  • It will make a person look stylish and will also go with various clothes

  • You can easily switch between the diamond tragus earrings and the Tragus studs

  • Wearing these earrings can also help manage energy levels and control appetite and aggression.

  • It can also help control the smoking habits in a person

The Cost of Tragus Piercings

The cost for Tragus piercing, especially in nations like the UK, can range between £30 to £35. But the cost will heavily depend on the piercing store's location and the experience level of the professionals who are experts in performing Tragus piercings.

You must conduct your research before you think of getting your Tragus pierced. Go through a list of stores that offer this type of piercing, take a look at the reviews, check whether or not they are licensed or certified and then think of proceeding further.

You should also speak to someone who recently got their Tragus pierced. He/she can provide you with more information about it, what you can expect and whether or not this piercing is ideal for you. Remember one thing, an experienced and reliable piercer will never take the help of a piercing gun.

It's primarily because they always use a needle to get the work done. Piercing guns can cause bacteria, and the blunt force of the gun can lead to cartilage bumps and will cause healing-related issues.

Get Earrings for Your Tragus Piercings from Rosec Jewels

The Tragus piercings have gained immense popularity in today's world. With the help of these piercings, individuals can improve their appearance. Besides that, this type of piercing is ideal for both men and women.

Furthermore, you will certainly come across many types of beautiful tragus stud earrings for your Tragus piercings from Rosec Jewels. This online jewellery store has earrings of the highest quality, and you will get them at a price which will match your budget.