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  1. Are Black Diamond Natural or treated?

    Both Natural and treated Black Diamonds are available in the market today.

  2. How do I know if the Black Diamond in the Necklace is of genuine quality?

    To be well assured about the authenticity of your Black Diamond Pendant Necklace, make sure that it has been certified by a reputable gemological laboratory. Besides that, you can trust on the follow hacks to tell a Real Black Diamond Necklace apart from its synthetic counterparts:

    • Natural Diamonds are known for being great conductors of heat. That’s where a Fog Test comes in handy. All you have to do is breathe on your Black Diamond Stone. You’ll notice a film of fog forming on the surface. If it takes longer to clear up, it is most likely a fake Diamond

    • A Real Diamond stands out for its sparkle. Simply subject your Black Diamond sparkler to a source of white light. If you’re unable to notice any reflection or worse, your Black Diamond might be an imitation.

    • Black Diamond posses very high density. To check for its authenticity, simply submerge your sparkler in a glass of water and observe. If it instantly sinks to the bottom, your gemstone is most likely a real one.

  3. Can Black Diamond Necklaces be worn for formal occasions, or are they more suitable for casual wear?

    Hailed as a timeless accessory for its classic black hue, Black Diamond Gold Necklaces fit well with both formal as well as casual ensembles.

  4. Are Black Diamonds as durable as White Diamonds, and do they scratch easily?

    Striking an impressive hardness rating of a perfect 10 on 10 on the Mohs Scale, Black Diamond are just as durable as White Diamonds. Thanks to that, they can easily withstand the wear and tear of daily wear which is why they don’t scratch easily.

  5. Are there any specific metal choices that complement black diamonds best?

    Lucky for you, we offer you the option to choose from three different tones of Gold i.e., white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold , each uniquely complementing the beauty of Black Diamond.

    While White Gold Black Diamond Necklaces stand out for bringing the beautiful monochromatic combination of black and white to life, the ones fashioned in yellow gold (owing to their warm tones) are any day a choice of luxury. If you wish to lend your bold black necklace a feminine appeal, go for the one crafted in Rose Gold.

Black Diamond Necklace

Bold and beautiful, Black Diamond Necklace is meant to add a touch of glam to any ensemble! Whether you like to keep it classic, are a modern diva, or fancy something vintage, we have an array of designs that will leave you spoiled for options. Keep scrolling to discover your favorites:

Introduction to Black Diamond- The Dark and Alluring Gemstone

Similar to Colorless Diamonds, Black Diamond is composed of carbon. But what sets it apart is the deep jet black hue that is the by-product of the presence of graphite along with a number of inclusions. Besides that, it showcases an eye-appealing metallic luster.

Significance of Black Diamond Necklace

True to its bold hue, a Real Black Diamond Necklace is revered as a symbol of inner strength, power, courage, and protection. What’s more, just like Colorless Diamond, Black Diamond is also exchanged as the epitome of love, fidelity, eternity, and purity.

Looking to buy Black Diamond Necklaces online but finding a hard time discovering the one that best speaks to you? Well then, you’re in luck! Rosec Jewels carries a collection of Classic, Contemporary, and Vintage Black Diamond Necklaces that define your sense of style:

Black Diamond Necklace Style And Designs

  • Black Diamond Solitaire Necklace

    Meant to be flaunted everyday, Black Diamond Solitaire Pendant is defined by a Single Stone of Black Diamond that takes all the center stage. If your sense of style is all about minimalism (with a pop of Black), you won’t come across a better style of Black Diamond Pendant.

  • Black Diamond Heart Necklace

    Romantic and exotic, Black Diamond Heart Necklace features the Centerpiece of Heart Shape Black Diamond that steals all the limelight. If you’re looking to express your heartfelt feelings towards your ladylove in the most unconventional ways, look no forward!

  • Black Diamond Infinity Necklace

    Just like the name suggests, a Black Diamond Infinity Necklace is characterized by the centerpiece of Black Diamond encased in an infinity inspired design or symbol. The bold pop of Black complements the fashion-forward appeal of infinity design making it a must-have for all the trend-savvy divas. What’s more, this Black Diamond Pendant Necklace is the modern symbol of eternal love exchanged between couples.

  • Black Diamond Cross Necklace

    Perfect to define your faith, Black Diamond Cross Necklace features Cross symbol as the main center of attraction. If we shed some light upon the meaning that it holds behind, Cross is revered as the symbol of Christianity that represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. You could go from wearing it everyday to keep yourself close to the almighty or save it for special occasions like Christmas to signify your faith.

  • Black Diamond Flower Necklace

    Graceful and statement-making, Black Diamond Flower Necklace incorporates floral-inspired elements in its design that are lent a bold appeal by the centerpiece of Black Diamond. For the days you wish to stand out from the crowd, this Natural Black Diamond Necklace is your fashion companion.

  • Vintage Black Diamond Necklace

    An old-world classic, Vintage Black Diamond Necklace incorporates the design elements of eras bygone such as Art Deco, Victorian, and Edwardian Eras. The embellishment of the center stone of Black Diamond complements its antique beauty with a perfect fashion-forward touch. Slip on this Black Diamond Gold Necklace on the days you wish to channel the old-school diva in you!

Black Diamond Necklace: Care & Cleaning

As important as it is to get your hands on the very best Black Diamond Necklaces, taking care of it the right manner shouldn’t be a step overlooked. That goes a long way in keeping the potential risks of it losing its shine, being exposed to breakages, and accidental mishaps at bay. We have assembled all the tips and tricks to help you do so:

  • For Cleaning

    1. Submerge your Black sparkler in a lukewarm solution of mild detergent/soap and water for a good duration of 10-15 minutes to get rid of all the accumulated dirt, oil, and grime from the surface.

    2. Don’t forget to scrub off the stubborn stains from the surface once and for all with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

    3. Rinse off the residual soap by keeping your sparkler under clean, running water for a while.

    4. Finally, pat it dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Make it a ritual to follow this cleaning regimen every once a month and you’ll see your Black Diamond Gold Necklace looking as good as new!

  • For Caring

    1. Though impressively durable, Black Diamond can be scratched by another Diamond. To do away with such a risk, store your necklace separately in a velvety case.

    2. Keep it as far away from chemicals as you can since they can deteriorate the quality and cause your gemstone to appear dull over time. Put on your makeup, hairsprays, and other chemical-loaded products before you slip on your sparkler.

    3. Take it off before indulging in physical activities like swimming, gardening, cooking, etc., to eliminate the risk of breakage, chipping, and accidental mishaps.

    4. Last but not the least, make sure to take your Black Diamond Pendant to a jewelry professional for regular cleaning, maintenance, and repairs.

Buy Black Diamond Necklace From Rosec Jewels

Being well aware of the skepticism that comes along with online shopping, we have laid down all the good reasons that make Rosec Jewels a trust-worthy manufacturer/seller to buy Black Diamond Necklaces online:

  • Premium Gemstone Quality

    Each Black Diamond from our collection has been handcrafted in premium quality. As a paper proof of that, they have been certified with a AAA quality grade by a reputable gemological laboratory.

  • Choice of Metal

    Putting extra emphasis on metal quality, we handcraft each piece in hallmarked Gold and Silver. The hallmark suggests that the Gold has been certified for its purity. Besides that, we also offer you the option to choice from different tones of Gold i.e., white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold that emanate different aesthetics.

  • One of a kind Catalog

    In an attempt to resonate with different senses of style, occasions, and bond, we bring forward a wide selection of Black Diamond Gold Necklaces that has something in store for everyone!