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  1. How is the quality of an Orange Sapphire Ring determined?

    Color is the primary determinant of the quality of a Natural Orange Sapphire Ring. The rule of thumb for judging is- the more intense orange the color (with vivid saturation), the finer the quality. Apart from that, just as is the case with any other colored gemstone, eye-clean clarity is highly prized for Sapphire.

  2. What occasions are Orange Sapphire Rings suitable for?

    Flaunting an Orange Sapphire Ring isn’t confined to a specific occasion. It epitomizes friendship, togetherness, and joy, which makes it a meaningful Orange Sapphire Engagement Ring, Promise Ring, or a ring for any milestone occasion that celebrates your love. Apart from that, it strikes a durable hardness rating of 9 out of 10 on Mohs Scale. So, you can practically slip it on any day, be it graduation, a birthday, or just a regular day out.

  3. How do I care for my orange sapphire ring?

    Once you buy Orange Sapphire Ring online, caring for it the right way might turn out to be the most neglected part, which can deteriorate its quality. So, to keep your Orange Sapphire Gold Ring looking as good as new, make it a point to clean it every once a month (in case you’re wearing it regularly). Here is the most trusted DIY Hack to do so:

    • Submerge your ring in a soapy solution of lukewarm water for a good 10-15 minutes to get rid of all the accumulated dirt and grime.

    • Once immersed, scrub the stubborn film of filth off the surface gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Don’t miss out on the ends of the Orange Sapphire.

    • Once done, pat your ring dry with a soft, microfiber cloth.

    Apart from that, Orange Sapphire is a fairly durable gemstone. So, whether it is a white, yellow, or Rose Gold Orange Sapphire Ring, you can rest assured about its scratch resistance. Just make sure to not store it along with any harder gemstones to be on the safer side. Also, in order to keep it away from any harmful chemicals, take it off before hopping in the shower, while applying makeup, etc.

Orange Sapphire Rings

A bright and beaming Orange Sapphire Ring is any day a choice of luxury! When complemented by our beautiful array of classic, antique, and modern pieces that best bring out their beauty, you won’t be able to look past it. Hop on to be convinced of that!

But firstly, What is an Orange Sapphire Ring?

Just like the name suggests, Orange Sapphire is the orange color variety of the renowned semi-precious gemstone- Sapphire. It graces the month of September. Precisely, the vibrant hue of a Natural Orange Sapphire Ring ranges from a light pastel Orange to a reddish-orange color.

But did you know? It speaks to the wearer much beyond its eye-striking aesthetics. Take a look:

Symbolism of an Orange Sapphire Ring

In complete justice to its sun-like orange hue, an Orange Sapphire Ring has long been worn as a symbol of happiness, joy, and positivity. It is often referred to as ‘the Solar Stone.’ Interestingly, it is believed to ignite a fire of love within you, which also makes Orange Sapphire Engagement Ring such a prized possession. Also, since Orange Sapphire is a proud member of the Sapphire family, it goes without saying that it epitomizes wisdom, strength, and power. 

Let our collection help you navigate through the best options when you set out to buy Orange Sapphire Ring online. 

Our Assortment of Orange Sapphire Gold Rings

  • Orange Sapphire Solitaire Ring

    Adorned by the Solo Centerpiece of Orange Sapphire that takes the spotlight, this Solitaire Style makes for one of the most conventional Orange Sapphire Engagement Rings out there. In a broader context, the size of Orange Sapphire here is 6 MM. You could stick to classics with a Round Orange Sapphire Solitaire Ring or go beyond the ordinary with the one fashioned in Pear, Princess, or Marquise Cut. For that perfect hint of a vintage vibe, you also have the option to go for an Asscher, Cushion, or Emerald Cut Orange Sapphire Ring in this style.

  • Orange Sapphire Halo Ring

    In a Halo style, the Center Stone of Orange Sapphire is decorated with a sparkling row of diamond/moissanite all around. A Halo lends a visual appeal to the Classic Solitaire Style by highlighting the beauty of Sapphire and making it appear larger than its size. An Orange Sapphire and Diamond Ring (with a Diamond in a Halo) is specifically meant for the ones who fancy a little sparkle.

  • Orange Sapphire Eternity Ring

    An Orange Sapphire Eternity Ring is bejeweled by an endless row of Orange Sapphires. It makes for one of the most versatile accessories that can also be stacked with your favorite rings. To your delight, this Eternity style Ring is one of the most meaningful Orange Sapphire Wedding Ring out there thanks to the symbolism that it carries. True to its design, it commemorates the kind of love that is never-ending.

  • Vintage Orange Sapphire Ring

    Oozing an old-world feel, this Antique Orange Sapphire Ring draws inspiration from Edwardian, Victorian, and Art Deco Eras. It breathes life into antique designs that were popular back then with the most significant ones being milgrain, filigree detailed ones, or even those that feature abstract patterns.

  • Orange Sapphire Promise Ring

    A Promise Ring is the only exception that isn’t defined by a specific style. It could be a Classic Solitaire Ring that pens spotlight on the Center-Stone of Orange Sapphire (that isn’t any more than 4 MM in size) or be more ornate with minimal nature and flower-inspired patterns. Moreover, you’ll also witness Orange Sapphire Promise Rings accentuated by a row of shimmering diamond/moissanite as side-stone or in Halo.

  • Orange Sapphire Cocktail Ring

    Desired for its flashy and flamboyant appeal, an Orange Sapphire Cocktail Ring features an enormous center stone of Orange Sapphire. It is further beautified by diamonds/moissanite in eye-striking patterns. You can find this Orange Sapphire Gold Ring in aesthetically appealing floral designs or even statement-making vintage ones, but a Heart Shape one is one of the most iconic rings in this collection.

  • Orange Sapphire Wedding Ring

    Typically, an Orange Sapphire Wedding Band is encrusted with Sapphires all around the band. It could be a classic curvature band that is meant to go with your Orange Sapphire Engagement Ring. Or even please your aesthetics if you have an eye out for something dramatic and edgy with a Triple Row, Designer, or Floating Halo Sapphire Band.