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Heart Earrings

Meant to speak to the ‘romantic’ in her, Heart Earrings are the fashion-forward gift of love. What’s more, whether she identifies herself as a minimalist, loves to go ‘over the top’ with her choice of accessory, or lies anywhere in between, you’re sure to find something that sweeps her off her feet in our versatile collection of Heart Shaped Earrings:

Introducing Heart Shaped Earrings

Simply put, Heart Earrings feature a center stone fashioned in Heart Shape as the main focal point. Some simply love to slip them on as a fashion accessory while for others, there is no better gift that expresses love and affection than a Romantic Heart Shaped Earring.

What’s more, if you’re looking to buy Gold crafted Heart Shaped Earrings online, our handcrafted collection isn’t something to miss out on. We fashion them in an array of designs that speak to different senses of style:

Take a look at Our Eye-Catching Collection of Gold Heart Earrings

Heart Stud Earrings

Perfect to be flaunted every day, Gold Heart Stud Earrings sit snug against the earlobe (without hanging or dangling down) through a post back. The Heart Shaped Centerpiece lends their minimalist style a romantic appeal. The best part? Despite their timeless appeal, they carry great versatility. From a Classic pair of Heart Shaped Solitaire Earrings that captures the attention all alone to the ones that are adorned with a sparkly halo, floral and animal-inspired motifs, you have a world of options to choose ‘the one’ from.

Heart Drop Earrings

Elegant and feminine, Heart Drop Earrings hang (or drop) just below the earlobe (suspended by a hook) while emphasizing on the heart shaped center stone. For those on the lookout for something a little more statement-making than studs without going for a loud and extravagant accessory, they are the perfect choice. Be it a Classic pair of Open Heart Drop Earrings or those beautified with eye-catching motifs, they are the touch of grace ever woman fancies.

Heart Dangle Earrings

The most statement-making choice of accessory, Heart Dangle Earrings swing below the earlobe in a to and fro motion. The Heart Shaped Centerpiece lends them a fashionable cum romantic appeal. It is easy to discern from the flashy and extravagant design of these Gold Heart Earrings that they are meant for the women who like to go all out with their choice of accessory.

Heart Hoop Earrings

Timeless but fashion-forward, Heart Shaped Hoop Earrings hang from the earlobe in a circular or semi-circular shape which is best complemented by the romantic Heart Shaped centerpiece. From an every day pair of classic hoops that you can flaunt at work to the large, statement-making ones for those romantic dinner dates, they are meant to make a befitting statement.

Choose the Center Stone for your Heart Earrings

  • Diamond Heart Earrings

    If you fancy something that sparkles as bright as your love, Heart Shaped Diamond Earrings are the perfect way forward!

  • Colored Gemstone Heart Earrings

    If you’re looking to go beyond the conventions with something that speaks to you (or yours) in the most personal and profound manner (with the unique symbolism that they carry), there is nothing like Gemstone Heart Earrings. What’s more, they lend more visual interest to your look with a pop of color. From Red Ruby Heart Earrings that ooze romance to the ones that stand out for their royal, subtle, or vibrant hue, each gemstone brings a unique aesthetic appeal to the table.

  • Pearl Heart Earrings

    If you wish to complement the romantic appeal of your Heart Earrings with a touch of elegance and timelessness, look no further than the ones adorned with Pearl.

Different Metal Tones for Heart Earrings

  • White Gold

    Duplicating silver and platinum in appearance, White Gold stands out for its bright white hue (that comes from mixing gold with other white metals). If you’re looking complement your center stone with neutral tone and a classic appeal, a pair of White Gold Heart Earrings is not something to miss out on.

  • Yellow Gold

    Yellow Gold captures attention with its warm yellow-gold tone and luxurious appeal. Be it a pair of Yellow Gold Heart Drop Earrings or classic heart studs, each pair here is treasured for its timeless and traditional touch.

  • Rose Gold

    Just like the name suggests, Rose Gold appeals with its soft, blush pink hue. With the kind of feminine grace it complements your Heart Earrings with, this metal tone of 14K Gold Heart Earrings in our collection has easily become the modern women’s new favorite.