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Express Your Joy And Happiness By Sharing A Token Of Remembrance.

There is a jewel for every occasion, to make it grand here we present ideas and suggestions to help you find ideal gifts that are certainly out of the box. Gifting a precious piece of jewelry can never go wrong irrespective of gender, age or body type. It is considered suitable for everyone.

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Make every occasion count just by gifting your loved classic jewelry by Rosec Jewels.

1. Anniversary

A celebration of relationship, commitment, and the ultimate bond shared by two souls. Wedding anniversaries are the ideal time to gift your spouse a notable owing. Well, you don’t need to buy her a luxurious house or the four by four; she just wants her diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. It is her real dream, take her for a walk and ask her a few questions about her vision for anniversary diamonds and you will understand her inner soul.

How to decide ideal anniversary gift for her?

Anniversary Gifts

Rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings; there are so many designs for each category and you can easily get confused. If you plan to give her the “surprise gift”. You have to understand many factors that will go with the thought. Rings are the most aesthetic surprise gift but you have to ensure that it fits the vein of love perfectly and there is no compromise at your end. To make it easy, go for a pendant or an earring as there is no fit issue and you will be gifting her the ideal surprise gift. In case, you can discuss with her the gift, nothing can be smooth enough. Ask her whether she wants a new ring that can be stacked with her engagement and wedding ring or she needs a new one and it has to have a better carat value. Communicating with her will help you in a better way.

Best Gift are Evergreen Rings

Rosec Jewel welcomes you to the world of precious and semi-precious gemstones which make an ideal anniversary gift in form of rings. Choose your birthstone with the most compatible gold metal which is available in three colors followed by further three variants.

Give her Infinity Pendants

A wide range of infinity pendants is a classic surprise gift for your lady love. The difference between a pendant and other jewelry pieces is a "no fit issue". You can easily select one out of the available options which are ideal anniversary gifts.

Go for Alluring Earrings

Earrings that can reflect your emotions and love for her are designed with care. Our catalog lets you choose word-class designs that can add charm to the personality of your woman. You can choose the one which she will be delighted to wear on the anniversary date. A pro tip- check the back of her favorite earring and you will get an idea of what is her comfort setting and choose the same back setting for the earring. Check our jewelry glossary to understand about the back setting.

How to choose the best anniversary gift for him?

The gifts that will add value to his personality and let him share a royal style statement on an everyday basis can be the ideal anniversary gift given by you. Bracelets with Bezel-set, Pave Set, Rope Chain, Bangle bracelet, Tennis Chain, Stars Dangle Chain, etc. There are many options available as per colored gemstone, bracelet style, and diamond for your ideal anniversary gift. Please check the size before you finalize your purchase. The next one is the perfect anniversary gift; Rings for him. The ample options and the charismatic designs can surely amaze you. Men's jewelry are having high Carat value as the designs need bigger gemstones and more metal. You can choose the preferred birthstone in their ideal stone setting.

2. Baby Shower

Welcoming a new life is the most precious part of a person's life. Gifting a pendant, bracelet, or necklace to the woman who is about to enter the amazing world of motherhood. The recognition of her sacrifice and sharing the ultimate experience with the family through a memorable baby shower may seem incomplete without a meaningful gift. Gift your spouse/ sister/ friend/ any woman whom you are grateful for bringing a new life in this world. Get customized gifts and add a level of personalization to the gift you have always wanted to give to your loved one

Best Gift For New Mother

• Beautiful pair of earrings which have classic design that can express your true emotions and the ultimate feeling of excitement to welcome a new member of your family

• Ravishing pendants with customized design can be another option, usually people gift same pendants in two sizes, one for the mother another for the new addition to the family. If your daughter or daughter-in-law is in this beautiful phase of life, you can gift her a set of pendants; one for her and one for the little one.

3. Birthday

Add a meaningful gift to your endless list of gifts enjoyed by your loved ones. Start gifting birthstones to your precious ones. We have created a Birthstone Guide to help you choose the right stone as per the birth month of your loved ones. There are various benefits of wearing the right birthstone, unlimited wealth, prosperity, a positive attitude towards life, opening your vision to unlimited opportunities, and many more. The ideal way to wear your most suitable birthstone is in form of a ring. Colored gemstone rings are categorized based on carat, color, clarity, and cut. The amazing range of birthstone rings comprises hundreds of options and multiple combinations of cuts and settings.

Best Birthday Jewelry options for Her

Birthday is one of the occasions that holds a very special place in the life of a woman. Though it is a yearly celebration with passing years, she needs your affection and love in form of effort. What better than showing your efforts through precious jewelry items? Jewelry is the best possible gift option for women irrespective of age, body type, and color.

Perfect suggestive gifts for women:

Colored Gemstone Rings

Birthstones are the most ravishing gifts by nature and you can feel the privilege to gift the same to the woman in your life. You can gift the rings to your mother, daughter, spouse, niece, or your best mate

Splendid Bracelets

Choose the most suitable stone cut and setting for the ideal birthday bracelets. The most amazing birthday bracelets are tennis bracelets, chain bracelets, bangle. One pro tip for choosing the right bracelet is to understand the usability of the person. You can choose a royal piece or a daily wear piece of jewel as per the usage.


Most comfortable pieces of jewelry are certainly tops and hoops which are categorized as aesthetic earrings. There are ample designs and back options for your choice.

Pendants and Necklaces

The safest choice for a man planning to gift a birthday present to the love of his life is a necklace and a pendant. You can make choice among infinity pendants and heart-shaped pendants. There are various colored gemstones that can be set in the shared designs. Explore our catalog and witness the same.

Best Birthday Gift options for Him

Choosing a piece of jewelry for a man can become easy if it is displayed or filtered out as per gender. We have created a separate category for men and you can explore rings and bracelets. The fascinating catalog lets you explore the amazing designs created by talented jewelry designers working closely with expert artisans.

Exemplary Gift Options for Men:

Diamond Rings

Diamonds are the best options to express your love and affection. Make his birthday a special one by gifting him a diamond solitaire for 25th, 35th, 45th or 55th birthday. Celebrate the birth milestones along with precious stones.

Colored Birthstone Rings

The most profound way to express your true feelings is by gifting birthstone rings that can help him upscale and up-skill with the right amount of luck and positive vibes.

Tennis Bracelets

The iconic bracelet type for men are tennis bracelet. The overall look is royal irrespective of the stone, it looks extremely outclass on men who love to pair it with formals.

Chain Bracelets

A classic round cut stone in the chain bracelet is the most amazing gift option for the most important man of your life

4. Christmas Gifts

The Christmas Gift rituals are considered the most emotional moments that make the ultimate life-long memory for a family. Every member expects a gift and we understand you cannot gift jewelry to everyone during Christmas time

We have created a list of the best suitable Christmas gifts as per members of your family:


The ideal way to celebrate Christmas is by gifting your grandparents a heart-shaped pendant that can remind them about you. Each time they will land their eyes on the pendant, a smile will be shared remembering you and blessing you to achieve prosperity and good health.


The best way to offer your gratitude to your parents is by gifting them a piece of jewel to your precious parents. You can gift them a couple’s ring by choosing infinity bands or infinity rings.


Flawless designs and endless jewel options are here to give you the right way to express your emotions for your special one. You can choose a bell shape earring for your melodious relationship that is adding the right amount of meaning to your life.


Giving your daughter gifts that suit the personality of your daughters. The cocktail rings, eternity rings, and birthstone rings. All work best for the soul that is always young at heart. Your precious little one can be a grown-up for others but for you is your precious baby who gave you the opportunity to explore blissful parenthood.


Gifting a precious gemstone to your boy can be the most amazing thing you can do to boost his morale and help him outperform himself. There are gemstones that help you bring out the best version of yourself.

5. Engagement

The occasion lets you express yourself and share a piece of jewelry with your mate as a representa tion of your formal arrangement to tie the knot in the future. There are various types of rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings that you can wear on your special day. But the most important jewelry that you will be wearing on daily basis as soon as mark your commitment to your mate will be the “engagement ring”.

Engagement Ring

Engagement Rings for Him

Engagement Rings have the most precious diamond that looks aesthetic in the chosen stone setting. The preference of color of gold adds a different dimension to a diamond ring. You can go for the white gold irrespective of a carat of gold and flaunt your commitment ring. The two types of diamonds that are used for creation of classic engagement rings are:

Black Diamond

Black diamonds are considered a symbol of love, purity, inner strength, and courage. A commitment that took a lot of courage from your end and you feel the immense amount of joy in making him yours then choose a black diamond engagement ring for him

White Diamond

The iconic white diamond is the true symbol of commitment, when you wear a diamond ring it represents your relationship status as engaged. Today time is changing and people are heading towards the thought of wearing colored gemstones as the centerpiece of their engagement ring. Many celebrities in past have worn emeralds, blue sapphire, pearls, rubies, etc as their engagement ring. Creating a pathway for their followers to opt for the birthstone ring for marking their commitment for life.

Engagement Rings for Her

Women love the idea of letting them choose their “big day ring”, you should never snatch this chance from her hands. Give her the options that have been listed based on the four C’s of Diamond Engagement Rings; cut, color, clarity, and carat. Rosec Jewels are dedicated to offering black and white diamonds listed for the special occasion of your life. You can add the right amount of magic to your life by choosing the most appropriate ring which has the colored gemstone for you.

Ideal Ring Setting For Women:

Prong Setting

Precious stones like diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire look perfect in a prong setting. The ring that is having a clear display of the centerpiece makes the most impressive engagement ring.

Halo Ring

The ultimate ring style that will look perfect on the vein of love is the Halo ring, it has the perfect diamond placed in the center and can outshine the moissanite surrounding the same.


The ideal ring set with three diamonds placed in the most artistic way. The rings made of such a setting look splendid and can be a stack ring along with the wedding ring in the future.

6. Graduation

Getting a graduation degree can be the biggest educational accomplishment for a student. Each relationship the students have with family and friends holds a special moment together when the graduation ceremony ends. To make it a perfect one, we suggest you buy a bracelet that can be kept by the person as a token of accomplishment throughout their life. There are many options listed for him and her, you can even choose the ideal birthstone bracelet as per the month of birth of the person who is going to graduate. It can be the most prized possession by your loved one for the major milestone of their life.

Graduation Gifts

7. Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothers add meaning to our life, the person who celebrates her child irrespective of their flaws needs a flawless gift to understand her worth in the life of her children. This is the perfect way to share your love, express affection, and offer a token of gratitude. The level of sacrifice a mother does for her family is unaccountable, one has to understand she gave up her dreams to bring up her children and as a result, children should make her feel special.

8. Prom Night

Prom night is the time when a woman needs to outshine herself and share a token of recognition of the new level in her life. The most beautiful night when she can share herself as a grown-up is here. The first official dance and the formal dress can give her the look of a lady, a woman who is now ready to wear beautiful colored gemstones as per her birth month. Discover ideal rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for her.

9. St. Patrick’s Day

The day involves celebration, positive vibes, and the special feast which is together enjoyed by everyone who attends the holiday. You can add value to this Irish culture by gifting a unique piece of jewel to your loved ones. Choose green-colored gemstone and you can buy emerald earrings, emerald necklaces, emerald bracelets, and emerald rings which are having floral designs.

10. Thanks Giving

Thanksgiving is a family affair that can be enjoyed with your close nest. A token of recognition can be shared by gifting the host a precious jewel piece to make it count for them. You can share your gratitude for valuing the relationship and arranging a beautiful dinner with your loved ones. The ideal gift for thanksgiving is the infinity pendant.

11. Wedding

The biggest day in the life of a man and a woman has to be the day they become man and wife. A flood of emotions and memories are experienced by bride and groom. To showcase their commitment, every couple exchanges wedding rings. Rosec Jewels is here with the exclusive wedding gift options for your best choice

Wedding rings for him

The endless options and different ring designs can amaze you and you can even be fascinated by a couple’s wedding rings which are created for him and her. Usually, people believe a wedding ring for a man cannot go below £1,500 GBP, but we have a range that is starting is £500 GBP. Explore them as per the price range and make a smart choice.

Wedding rings for her

A wedding ring for your lady's love must be unique and simple, to help her wear it on a daily basis. You can choose a colored gemstone ring or a diamond solitaire, make sure about the fit and you can make it easy by checking her ring size with the help of our “Ring Size Guide”. We are offering you a chance to get your ideal ring in three colors with base gold; white, rose, and yellow. You can choose the carat among three available options; 10K, 14K, and 18K.

12. Valentine’s Gift

Valentine’s is the one day when you can give her the promise ring and ask for her/him commitment for a lifetime. The perfect day to shower her/ him with your affection, love, and companionship. The heart-shaped jewelry and the infinity shape necklaces are waiting for you to explore and make your best choice. Witness the glorifying range of products and make the most out of the available opportunity.

13. Holiday’s

The time when you can count on the everlasting pieces of jewelry that can help you to remember the moment you shared with the loved one whom you are planning to gift the same, is the Holiday time. You can plan in advance and buy some classic piece of affordable jewel to gift the same to your wholesome. We have a category that lets you shop as per filter price, you can choose the bracket that suits you the most and make your choice.

Celebrating Milestones

Achievements and recognition are lifetime moments that can be preserved by sharing a soulful piece of jewelry with your loved one. You can gift colored gemstone bracelets, earrings, or pendants to reflect your happiness about the moment.