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Purchase Moonstone Necklace For Women Online

Moonstone is a gemstone as luminous as the moon itself, exuding a spectacular glow with its mesmerizing bluish-white lights. Adoring your necklace with the moonstone surely captures the eyes of onlookers. This gems radiates royalty, a divine sparkle, and grace, moonstone possesses a unique allure unlike any other. What makes a woman's moonstone necklace truly special? Its symbolism of essence of divine feminine energy, adding a touch of mystique and empowerment to its wearer. Our diverse collection of stunning moonstone necklaces, each one uniquely crafted in different shapes, allows you to find the most resonates with your style.

Moonstone Meaning & Symbolism

The mysterious moonstone is one of the birthstones of June and is appreciated for its smooth luster and long-lasting shine. As the name tells everything the moonstone has been connected with the moon. In ancient times, Romans thought the moonstone was a solid form of actual moonlight. In addition to the ancient Greeks, other cultures also valued the beauty of moonstone, dedicating it to their moon goddess. These stones symbolize energy and also embody qualities of love, healing, hope, or protection.

What are the Different Styles of Moonstone Necklace?

Whether it's a vintage moonstone pendant evoking timeless elegance or a sophisticated solitaire necklace exuding charm and elegance, each piece of neck piece is designed to be treasured as a timeless adornment. Explore our selection, find your perfect match, and shine like a regal queen for eternity!

  • Moonstone Heart Pendants: - These heart necklaces can be expressive tokens of love, and serve as a pre-engagement gesture to your lady luck. Most pieces highlighted by diamond accents, create a striking contrast against the bluish-white hues of the center moonstone. The heart motif in our necklace collection is representative of a strong bond and never-ending relationship. Each heart neck piece guaranteed to surprise her with its graceful allure!

  • Moonstone Solitaire Necklaces: - Each solitaire pendant features a simple yet classic design; this moonstone solitaire pendant is sure to mesmerize your personality. our necklaces are crafted from white gold or yellow gold, enhancing the moonstone's beauty with their delightful play of colors. A solitaire moonstone necklace with a wide variety of shapes will appear royal, and a good companion with any outfit.

  • Nature Inspired Moonstone Necklaces: - Elegantly crafted, the designs are drawn from a greenery environment, these moonstone necklaces celebrate the exquisite beauty of nature. Our nature-inspired necklaces are made from white gold and yellow gold metal, this neck piece features an alternating arrangement of captivating moonstone and luxurious leaves or flowers imparting a distinct yet dreamlike appearance inspired by nature.

  • Moonstone Infinity Pendants: - What could be more enchanting than adorning your neckline with the bold and expressive statement of infinity, complemented by the subtle color hues of moonstone? These infinity necklaces could be a meaningful representation of love and friendship, symbolizing mutual trust, support, and respect between one another.

  • Moonstone Halo Necklaces: - These necklaces involve circling a center moonstone with other small glistening diamonds or other gemstones, enhancing the brilliance of the focal stone without increasing its carat weight. This halo design will forever make a fashion statement. Their versatility is enough to align with any attire, whether it's casual or occasional, it'll look classy.

How Much Does Moonstone Pendant Cost?

Basically, the cost of a moonstone necklace can be determined while focusing on different factors such as the gemstone's quality, design of the necklace, carat weight, and metal used to craft the pendant. The moonstone necklace at Rosec Jewels ranges from $339 to over $1149 for more intricate designs with larger stones. Still, you have a wide range of options to choose from, it can certainly go above $1200 for best quality moonstone jewelry.