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  1. Which finger should I wear Moonstone Ring?

    It is recommended to wear a Moonstone Gold Ring on the ring finger of the left hand to make the most of the astrological benefits that it imparts to the wearer. 

  2. What are the benefits of wearing a Moonstone Ring?

    The interesting part about wearing a Real Moonstone Ring has got to be its mystical ties with the moon. That’s also something that helps it impart miraculous healing benefits to the wearer:

    • Physical Healing: Moonstone not only helps in getting rid of toxins from the body but also heals ailments related to the skin, hair, eyes, digestion, liver, and pancreas. Apart from that, it is considered a great feminine stone, which is why it is also believed to help with problems related to PMS, pregnancy, etc.

    • Emotional Healing: Also renowned as the ‘Stone of New Beginnings’, thanks to its moon-like energy, Moonstone imparts great emotional balance and calmness to the wearer. It provides great relief from stress and anxiety.

    Apart from that, Moonstone is considered a great spiritual stone that enhances the intuitive powers of the wearer. It is also believed to impart great fortune, success, and inspiration.

  3. What zodiac is moonstone?

    Astrologically, a Genuine Moonstone Ring is considered a suitable pick for Gemini, the Zodiac sign of June born. 

  4. What month is Moonstone for?

    Moonstone is treasured as the birthstone of June.

Moonstone Rings

The softly glamorous appeal of Moonstone Rings is other-worldly! Don’t you believe us? Take a look at our handcrafted selection of classic, contemporary, and vintage Moonstone Gold Rings and you’ll know. 

What is a Moonstone Ring?

Renowned as the magical birthstone of June, Moonstone is chemically composed of Orthoclase and Albite, two forms of feldspar minerals. The name might have gotten you curious, so let’s break it to you: the appearance of Moonstone resembles a moon (to such an extent that it was once believed to be formed of frozen Moonlight). In a broader context, a Real Moonstone Ring boasts a magical milky appearance and exudes a blue-to-white adularescence, (which is the very reason for its subtle glow).

But its mystical charm isn’t confined to mere aesthetics. It carries a symbolism just as magical:

Symbolically, what does a Moonstone Ring mean?

Standing true to its associations with the moon, a Genuine Moonstone Ring is worn as a symbol of hope, sensitivity, inward vision, and abundance. It is known to arouse feminine energies, and to no surprise, it has long been used as a miraculous spiritual stone. Thanks to its magical associations, Moonstone is believed to bring good luck, love, and romance into the lives of those who wear it (also making it a meaningful Moonstone Engagement Ring).

Aren’t you already wondering where to buy Real Moonstone Ring now? Well, let our handcrafted designs convince you that we’re the ultimate one-stop destination that carries the most splendid 14K Gold Moonstone Rings for any and everyone:

Our Eye-Catching Selection of Best Moonstone Rings

  • Moonstone Solitaire Ring

    Easily the most sophisticated and Simple Moonstone Ring in the entire collection, a Solitaire Style features the Centerpiece of a Moonstone (of any shape) that stands out on its own. The Moonstone Solitaire here is at least 6 MM in size, which also makes it a one-of-a-kind choice of Moonstone Engagement Ring. It is fashioned in a versatile number of shapes that cater to just as many senses of style. While a Round or Oval Moonstone Ring exudes a conventional touch, a ring adorned with a princess, marquise, or pear-cut Moonstone is more on the fancier side of the spectrum. On the other hand, if you’re on the hunt for an Antique Moonstone Ring, go for the one fashioned in Emerald, Cushion, or Asscher cut Center stone.

  • Moonstone Halo Rings

    A Halo adorns the sheeny Centerpiece of Moonstone a sparkling touch with the shimmering parade of Diamond/Moissanite all around. Also, if you’re all about glitz and glam but still like a little classic touch, a Moonstone Ring with Diamonds (in a Halo) could be your best bet. The best part? It doesn’t just bestow more character on your Moonstone; it best highlights its beauty by making it appear larger.

  • Vintage Moonstone Rings

    Nothing short of a piece of ancient art, a Vintage Moonstone Ring complements the surreal charm of Moonstone with ornate designs from the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Deco Eras. Precisely, this Unique Moonstone Ring is skillfully crafted with intricately crafted abstract patterns as well as milgrain and filigree detailing. For those who like an heirloom touch in their emblem of love, this also makes for a beautiful Moonstone Engagement Ring.

  • Moonstone Promise Ring

    Extraordinary but undefined by a specific style, a Moonstone Promise Ring is a lot more minimalist than an Engagement Ring. It ranges from a Simple Moonstone Solitaire Ring that is quite understated thanks to its dainty size of 4 MM or less. Or it could be a lot more visually appealing when decorated with minimalist nature, infinity, or floral inspired motifs and sparkling accents of Diamond/Moissanite. Beyond that, this ring style oozes romance since it commemorates the promise of lifelong commitment, making the Moonstone Heart Ring the most meaningful pick in this category.

  • Moonstone Eternity Ring

    True to its name, a Moonstone Eternity Ring is studded with identically-sized Moonstones all over the band. If the subtle shimmer of Moonstone speaks to you the most, you won’t find a better pick. While the classic round or oval Moonstone eternity rings are considered the most conventional, fancier ones like marquise, pear, or Princess Cut Moonstone Rings have also surged in trend. No matter whether you’re looking for a rose gold, yellow gold, or white gold Moonstone Ring, the eternity style fits well with every metal tone. Moreover, its symbolism makes it such a meaningful pick since the endless circle of the Moonstone is meant to commemorate the kind of love that is eternal.

  • Moonstone Wedding Ring

    Similar to the eternity ring, a Moonstone Wedding Ring is encrusted with an endless row of Moonstones. But the many distinctive designs that this ring carries set it apart. It can be something as simple as a Plain Moonstone Band Ring that goes ahead to make for a beautiful Moonstone Engagement Ring Set. Or be more ornately crafted such as the rings that are beautified by a Sparkling Floating Halo, triple row, or vintage-inspired detailing. Needless to mention, it is exchanged between couples as an official token of their love and commitment.

  • Moonstone Cocktail Ring

    A Cocktail Ring is adorned with a large, flashy center stone of Moonstone that steals all the attention with its over-the-top appeal. To beautify it even further, it is often adorned with sparkling stones of Diamond/Moissanite in eye-catching patterns. This Moonstone Ring for Women has lately become the fashion status for those who like to go all out with their choice of accessories. 

Moreover, if you have been looking for affordable Moonstone Rings without compromising on quality, you have arrived at the right place. To celebrate all the special occasions with you, we offer pocket-friendly deals on each piece from our collection of Moonstone Rings for Sale.