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Shop Emerald Engagement Rings for Women

Emeralds are the timeless choice for an engagement ring that won't go wrong. The rich green shades of emerald are not only eye-catching but also contribute to the various healing benefits. When this vibrant gemstone is set with a diamond accent, it offers a classic and elegant look that every woman wants. These different styles of emerald engagement rings are perfect for everyday wear, and real emeralds symbolize love, romance, and unity.

The quest for excellence goes beyond the gem itself, and we know you’re finding a reliable partner who can consistently deliver the quality you need.
Let Rosec Jewels be your trusted companion on this quest for stunning, certified natural emeralds studded on an engagement ring.
Your S.O. deserves nothing less than the best. Here are some of the many factors that set us apart:

  • Premium Quality: We want you to treasure your emeralds for nothing less than a lifetime. Staying true to that, each Emerald gemstone in our engagement ring collection has been certified with a quality grade of AAA Quality (i.e., an excellent grade), so it appears unparalleled when it comes to brilliance and beauty.
    We provide a certificate with essential gemstone details as it not only details the quality characteristics of the gem but also its authenticity.
  • Wide Range of Options: In an attempt to celebrate all kinds of senses of styles and bonds, we have come up with a catalog of engagement rings that has something for everyone!
  • No question asked 30-day Return Policy: We offer 24/7 customer support, you can contact us anytime! So, shop the way you want, without any pressure, if the jewelry doesn’t come up to your expectations, enjoy a hassle-free 30-day return period.

Emerald Engagement Ring Symbolises:

The green ‘emerald’ gemstone is known to symbolize fidelity and true love. Emeralds are believed to represent balance and loyalty among the partners. So, giving your partner an emerald gemstone engagement ring is considered an intent for a healthy marriage. While emerald is also the birthstone for May. So, if your partner celebrates their birthday this month, then undoubtedly this lush green gemstone is a perfect choice.

The green color of emerald represents the new beginnings and growth. Emeralds are also said to soothe the wearer’s mind and bring calmness and wisdom to their life. It also helps in building up some meaningful connections as it is believed that emerald’s mesmerizing hue is connected to the heart chakra. Making it a reason why modern couples are gaga over the engagement rings with emeralds.

Are Emerald Engagement Rings Durable and Long Lasting?

Yes, emeralds scored 7.5 on the Mohs scale hardness, they are durable and perfect to wear every day or occasionally wear. Emeralds could be a stunning option for engagement rings due to their eye-catching hues, durability, and enchanting green tones. You can find emerald jewelry in various shapes, the most common being a princess cut and emerald cut, all enhancing the gemstone's vivid color and clarity. In contrast, emeralds can be paired elegantly with precious metals such as yellow gold and white gold.

Styles of Emerald Rings

Emeralds have a gentle gleam compared to the other category gems, so to enhance the sparkle of your ring, consider adding such details such as a diamond accent around the emerald or you can pick two stone designs with diamonds on each side of the emerald. These beautiful additions can make your engagement ring shine even more.

  • Emerald Halo Engagement Rings: - Halo-style rings add a layer of shine and glamour to the overall appearance of the ring. These rings highlight the emerald gemstone a bit bigger due to the halo design.
  • Emerald Solitaire Engagement Rings: - This design accentuates the beauty and brilliance of emerald, which is the center attraction. Our emerald solitaire engagement rings are the perfect merge of timeless beauty yet sophisticated.
  • Emerald Promise Rings: - These enchanting green hues signify profound commitment and love. these promise rings serve as a gesture of forever relation. Each design of the emerald engagement ring is graced by shimmery diamonds that gracefully line in a band that will be treasured for its enduring beauty and classic appearance.
  • Vintage Inspired Emerald Rings: - Stands out as antique and unique due to its nostalgic vibe. Our collection of vintage-inspired emerald rings merges the elements of Art Deco style, Victoria, and Edwardian design, making everlasting emerald jewelry.
  • Nature-Inspired Emerald Rings: - This style is often inspired by greenery nature. Each nature-inspired ring is embellished with green emerald and graced by floral, leaf, and vine designs.
  • Emerald Classic Engagement Rings: - Meticulously crafted, attention to detail, emerald classic engagement rings merge the distinctive look of emerald gemstone with the forever elegance and timeless beauty of classic engagement designs.

What are the 4'Cs of Emerald?

  1. Color: - Emeralds are available in bluish-green to deep green hues. The amount of chromium, vanadium, and iron are the ones that determines the color of the gem. Highly transparent emeralds are extremely preferred. 

    NOTE: Emeralds truly shine with a captivating green hue in person that no camera can ever fully capture.

  2. Clarity: - The gemstone's clarity is all about how many and how big the imperfections (called inclusions) are, and where they are in the gem. The fewer, smaller, and less noticeable these imperfections are, the better the clarity. But, when it comes to emeralds, it's rare to find one without any imperfection.
  3. Cut: - The cut of emerald impacts its radiance and overall shine. A well-cut emerald allows maximum light to put on its surface and enhance the emerald's beauty.
  4. Carat Weight: - The emerald's weight depends on your budget and preference. The stone will be larger; and more expensive it will be.

Emerald Complements All Metals

Emerald’s ability to complement most of the metals is also the reason for its popularity. This lush green gemstone looks stunning with just any metal type. Whether it’s yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or 925 sterling silver - it doesn’t matter which metal you choose, these metals will effortlessly enhance the color and shine of the green gemstone.

What Emerald Engagement Ring Can Cost?

The cost of an emerald engagement ring for women is highly influenced by several factors such as color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. At Rosec Jewels, a natural emerald engagement ring can cost you anywhere between $434 and $1699, boasting excellent color and minimal inclusions. Also, the overall cost is further shaped by the choice of metal for the ring setting and the addition of diamonds or other gemstones, resulting in a diverse price range.