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  1. What does infinity jewelry symbolize?

    An infinity jewelry symbolizes unending, eternal love since the infinity itself stands for something that cannot be counted. Thus, it makes for a romantic gift for your ladylove.

  2. What is the difference between infinity and eternity?

    The major difference between infinity and eternity is that while infinity represents something that cannot be counted, eternity symbolizes something that has no end or beginning.

  3. How do you tell of the quality of an infinity jewelry?

    The quality of an infinity jewelry is determined by seeing if it the main gemstone is certified or not.

  4. What does infinity teardrop mean?

    Infinity Teardrop jewelry is a jewelry design that is fashioned along with an infinity symbol that is studded with pear cut center stone/diamond/pearl that looks like falling tear drops.

About Infinity Jewelry

The modern symbol of love and romance: an Infinity Jewelry has become a massive hit in the world of jewelry. Such is its romance quotient that your ladylove is sure to cherish this token of love forever.

What is Infinity Jewelry?

An Infinity Jewelry is fashioned with an infinity symbol, looking fashionable and romantic both at once. It signifies eternal, never ending love and is generally adorned with gemstones/diamonds/pearls of all shapes. It makes for a meaningful birthday, valentines and wedding gift.

Meet the styles

  • Rings: Rings are by far the most romantic gift you could present your ladylove with, when fashioned with the infinity symbol.
  1. Solitaire Infinity: A solitaire infinity ring is the kind of ring that is fashioned with single center stone, designed on the sides with infinity symbol.
  2. Two stone infinity: The ring that is fashioned with two stones in a intricate infinity symbol belongs to this category.
  3. Twisted Infinity: This category of ring is quite dainty in appearance and is fashioned with a twisted pattern, giving a hint of infinity symbol.
  4. Criss Cross Infinity: A criss cross infinity ring is fashioned with a cross like infinity symbol on both sides of the center stone, carrying great deal of fashion appeal.
  5. Infinity Eternity: Eternity, being the heart of all romantic rings, when adorned all over with infinity symbol along with gemstones, makes for an irresistible valentines’ day gift for your ladylove.
  • Earrings:  Infinity Earrings have been round the corner for quite a while now and again, make for a pretty romantic present for the love of your life, exuding a modish look with the most significant styles being:
  1. Infinity Stud Earrings: Earrings belonging to this category are worn directly through the earlobe and are fashioned with a plain infinity symbol, making for a classic you could live in.
  2. Infinity Climber and Crawler Earrings: Just made for your piercings, these are quite elaborate designs that are fashioned with a loop of infinity symbols, exuding a bold fashion appeal.
  3. Infinity Dangle Earrings: A unique take on drop earrings, these are more elaborate and hand vertically below the earlobe, crafted with a plain infinity symbol.
  4. Two Stone Infinity Earrings: Carrying a high romance quotient, these infinity earrings are fashioned with two gemstones embedded inside the infinity symbol on both sides, looking like one romantic and classic piece of accessory.
  5. Infinity Drop Earrings: These hang just below the earlobe and are fashioned with an infinity symbol with one of the most unique styles in this category being Twist drop, interlinked infinity, etc.
  • Pendant: An Infinity Pendant is, just the name suggests, fashioned with infinity symbol, signifying never eternal love between two people with the most significant styles being:
  1. Infinity Heart Pendant: Pendants belonging to this category are fashioned with heart and infinity symbol, both in one, making for a sought after gift for romantic occasions including valentines’ day, birthday, anniversary or just another day of you expressing your love for your significant other.
  2. Solitaire Infinity Pendant: An infinity symbol pendant that is fashioned with a single stone, is referred to as solitaire infinity pendant.
  3. Infinity Twist Pendant: Pendants belonging to this category are fashioned in an uneven twisted pattern, inspired by an infinity/loop of infinity symbols, hence the name.
  4. Infinity Knot Pendant: An infinity symbol pendant that is fashioned with along with interlocking knots crafted in Gold and adorned with a gemstone/diamond in the center, is referred to as infinity knot pendant.
  5. Two stone Infinity Pendant: Pendants belonging to this category are fashioned with an infinity symbol and adorned with two gemstones/diamond/pearl, thus making for a romantic token of love to be gifted.
  • Bracelets: Bracelets belonging to this category could be fashioned with a single infinity symbol, interlocking infinity and loop of infinity symbols or could be crafted along with a floral, braided pattern, be it a link chain, bolo chain or station chain bracelet.