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  1. Can Aquamarine be worn daily?

    Possessing a hardness of about 7.5-8 on Moh’s scale, Aquamarine is a pretty durable gemstone that can be worn on a regular basis with quite ease.

  2. What makes Aquamarine unique?

    The unique blue-green hues is what makes Aquamarine such an eye captivating pick.

  3. What are the powers of Aquamarine?

    Aquamarine, having a connection with the throat chakra, is known to help with throat related illnesses such as thyroid, etc. It helps in detoxification of the body, just like water. Apart from that, it bestows the wearer with a sense of serenity and positivity. It is also known to purify the stone and work as a protective stone in stormy waters.

  4. How do you clean Aquamarine?

    Aquamarine Jewelry could be cleaned with a lukewarm solution of soapy water along with a brush to scrub the narrower parts gently. Make sure to pat it dry with a soft, microfiber cloth. Following this process of cleaning every once in a while could go a long way in ensuring the cleanliness of your jewelry.

  5. Why is it called Aquamarine?

    The name Aquamarine is inspired from the Latin words ‘aqua’ that evidently stands for water and marine that means ‘of the sea.’ That’s somewhat because this gemstone has long been hailed as the stone of water, similar to its sea-like blue hues.

About Astonishing Aquamarines

The blue and beautiful March Birthstone: Aquamarine is world known for its serene beauty. The word Aquamarine itself is Latin for ‘water of the sea.’ that we bet you can tell from its sea like sky blue hues. A sense of peace takes over you when you take a good glance of it. Probably why it has garnered such population in the world of gemstone jewelry.

Fun Fact: In Roman and Greek mythology, dating back to around 300-480 BC, Aquamarine was regarded as the sailor’s gem since it was believed to possess magical powers of calming stormy waters, thus protecting sailors in their long voyages. It has even been hailed as the mermaid’s stone thanks to its unique blue-green color.

What does Aquamarine symbolize?

Aquamarine is famously known to represent serenity, happiness, hope and youth. Needs no explanation, a mere glance is enough to tell we say. Apart from that, it also has strong ties with ‘fearlessness',’ thanks to the treasured tales of it working as a protective stone for sailors.

Aquamarine and the 4 Cs

  • Cut: The cut of Aquamarine ranges from a Classic round, Oval, Pear and Princess to more profound Princess, Marquise, Baguette, Cushion and Romantic Heart Shape.
  • Color: The color of Aquamarine ranges from a faint blue to blue-green (that also makes for the most sought after color).
  • Clarity: Most of the Aquamarines are known to be devoid of any eye visible inclusions.
  • Carat: The carat weight of Aquamarine jewelry typically ranges between 0.25 to 4 CT.

Serene & Stunning: Aquamarine Jewelry

If you’re a lover of everything light & bright, our collection of Aquamarine jewelry is something you won’t be able to resist.

  • Rings: The Aquamarine rings in our collection range from a classic Solitaire Ring, Elaborate Engagement Rings with side stones, Romantic Promise Rings, Captivating Cluster Rings, Serene Floral Rings to Vintage Bridal Ring Sets.
  • Earrings: Our Aquamarine Earrings have you covered for all occasions, right from Stunning stud earrings inclusive of classic solitaire and floral, romantic infinity and quirky animal studs, drop earrings that include bridal, teardrop and hoop earrings making for a timeless statement.
  • Pendant: Aquamarine Pendants in our collection include Solitaire, Bar Necklace, Nature inspired necklace, vintage designs including art deco, cluster necklace. The one that tops the list is the holy cross pendant, a must-have Christmas accessory for women.
  • Bracelets: The Aquamarine Bracelets in our collection range from classic station chain, tennis, bolo to floral, zodiac and leaf chain bracelets, all beautiful in their own sweet way.