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  1. Can black onyx be worn everyday?

    Black onyx, having a hardness of around 7 out of 10 on Moh’s scale is pretty durable and can be worn on a regular basis since it can withstand the wear and tear of regular use pretty well.

  2. What are the benefits of wearing black onyx?

    Black onyx, is known to bring power, strength and confidence in the life of the wearer. Being known to have ties with third chakra, Black onyx also helps with problems related to blood and bone.

  3. Can you shower wearing black onyx jewelry?

    As much as possible, try to keep your black onyx jewelry away from long term exposure of chemicals and thus it is advisable to remove it while taking a shower or going in a swimming pool.

  4. What metal to combine black onyx with?

    Black onyx necklace gold looks just as lustrous combined with any metal color: white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. White white gold makes it look more classic and vintage, yellow gold goes great on any skin tone and rose gold makes it look more feminine and pretty.

  5. What is the birthstone of Black Onyx?

    The birthstone of this semi precious birthstone Black Onyx is December.

About Black Onyx Necklace

Are you also fond of one of those bold, dramatic and elaborate accessories? The one that can tell the world that you’re here to rule. The color of fashion: Black embedded gorgeously in a necklace. Yes, we’re talking of one of the most stylish pieces of all times: Black Onyx Necklace. Who doesn’t look good in black and on top of that, who doesn’t just love wearing black? Doesn’t it give you the vibe that you’re ready to take on the world? That’s the entire purpose of a Real Black Onyx Necklace! Embedded beautifully with differently and precisely cut Black Onyx in a number of versatile styles, a Black onyx necklace will forever be a favorite of all. It’s a savior indeed when you don’t know what to pair your outfit with! Because what doesn’t go with black, right? Every once in a while, we get that urge to decorate our neckline with something so bold and elaborate, adding more definition to each one our looks. Indeed, a favorite piece of Black onyx necklace womens!

Since we’re all so obsessed with sparkle, you know what adds to the radiant black shine of this necklace? Of course, the radiant sparkle of diamond! A black onyx necklace with diamonds, how does that sound to you? Nothing but royal, right? There’s no better combination than black and white after all! Whether a pair of a modish Black onyx cross necklace or a black onyx heart necklace serving as that perfect gift for your significant other, we bet the alluring black shine of the versatile styles of black onyx necklace has a special place in each of ours’ jewelry box. The lustrous glow of Black Onyx Necklace gold in a number of metal colors including white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, makes it more appealing and luxurious. And who says black onyx necklace is only for women? Since black color has that ability to look good on anyone, a Black onyx necklace mens has also steadily founds its way to their jewelry box. Let’s get to know our collection of Black onyx necklace in different styles and shapes a bit more.

Sassy, classy and bossy: Black Onyx Necklace Styles

  • Black Onyx Solitaire Necklace : The classic beauty of Solitaire further magnified by the bold, loud and classy statement of Black Onyx, now that what we’d label as stylish!
  • Black Onyx Halo Necklace : Can we ever get enough of glow in our jewelry? The stylish statement of black and brilliant bright sparkle of diamond together make black onyx necklace with diamonds can sure light up a room with its grace and make you look like a royal diva!
  • Black Onyx Infinity Necklace : The boldness of infinity symbol combined with the stylish black luster of Black Onyx can sure mesmerize many eyes, also one of the most expressive gifts for your loved one.
  • Black Onyx Heart Necklace : Who says there cannot be a black heart? Name a more intense symbol of love combining the expressiveness of heart and the boldness of black onyx, perfect to be gifted to your loved one!
  • Three Stone Black Onyx Necklace : Can’t get enough of the polished and intense shine of Black onyx? Want something more elaborate to define your neckline with? Look no further than a three stone black onyx necklace for a bolder, intense and glossier look.
  • Black Onyx Cross Necklace : The sleek, modish and trendy statement of cross symbol combined with the bold, radiant and polished luster of Black color makes a Black Onyx Cross necklace another stylish pick in our collection?
  • Vintage Inspired Black Onyx Necklace : What can add more definition to the artistic design of Vintage inspired necklace than the polished luster of Black Onyx? Perfect for an elaborate, bold, shiny and detailed looks!
  • Black Onyx Fashion Necklace : For all you fashionistas out there, why not make a more elaborate, modern and bold statement by donning a piece from our collection of Black Onyx Fashion necklace!
  • Black Onyx Initial Necklace : Why not add to the bold and expressive look of Black Onyx? An initial necklace embedded with Black Onyx makes for another statement pieces you can adorn to any occasion.
  • Black Onyx Dangle Necklace : We assure you there’s no better way to add more definition to your neckline if you’ve fallen in love with black onyx and want to make your style statement more refined, elaborate and bold.
  • Black Onyx Station Necklace : Embedded with Black Onyx all around in a station like pattern, a Real Black Onyx Necklace makes for another fashionable and powerful style statement.

Explore the 4 Cs

  • Cut: The shape of Black Onyx ranges round, oval, baguette and cushion to princess, pear, marquise and heart shape.
  • Color: The color of Black onyx is known to be pure, polished and radiant black.
  • Clarity: Black onyx is known for its lustrous and blemish free clarity.
  • Carat: The carat weight of Black Onyx necklace is known to be between 0.01 to 2 CT.