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A perfect choice for a tanzanite ring, tanzanite is a classy option for every kind of woman who wants to flaunt their style distinctly. The Tanzanite engagement ring will be a stunning option for a special bond shared with a partner. Being a birthstone of December, Tanzanite marks an ideal gift for the 8th, 24th, or 26th wedding anniversary.

The exquisite collection of unique tanzanite engagement rings includes simple solitaire, halo, vintage inspired, nature inspired, and classic styles. We design our each ring to cater to your needs and budget. The purple gemstone can be a stunning choice for you if you're looking for an engagement ring.

Meaning of Tanzanite & Its Symbolism

The beautiful purple gemstone attracts everyone because of Tanzanite unique color tone. if you are looking for rare gem than tanzanite is rarest in gemstone industry. The beauty of this purple gemstone is beyond its aesthetic, it possesses numerous healing properties. The incredible qualities of gemstones have fascinated many jewelry enthusiasts around the world.

The tanzanite gemstone possesses both spiritual and emotional balance, often linked with clarity and tranquility. The gemstone is also believed to ward off negative energies, and thoughts and promote better decision-making. Wearing the tanzanite ring also offers a sense of protection against negative energies.

What are the Different Styles of Tanzanite Engagement Rings?

  • Tanzanite Solitaire Rings: - Solitaire rings are the most popular and classic design contains single large tanzanite as center piece. solitaire engagement rings are famous because it looks simple and very low maintenance required, but these are fashion statements.

  • Tanzanite Halo Engagement Rings: - The halo design, adds an extra layer of sparkle to the ring. These styles of rings embellished with tanzanite stone appear as a focal point of the ring. The solitaire stone is encircle by a shimmery diamond accent, making the center gemstone a bit larger. Diamond and tanzanite engagement rings are one of the best halo engagement rings.

  • Tanzanite Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings: - Vintage Tanzanite engagement rings styles are often inspire from multiple eras, merging into something unique. The antique tanzanite engagement ring is a modern ring crafted in yellow gold or white gold to give an antique appeal. Each ring showcases its beauty, and the intricate design makes the perfect vintage engagement ring.

  • Nature Inspired Tanzanite Rings: - Attention-grabbing designs, these tanzanite rings are design to capture your heart. Nature represents the symbol of growth and the circle of life. Choosing nature inspired rings as engagement rings enables you to carry natural beauty wherever you go. The elegant curves and elaborate details of leaves, flowers, and vine motifs add an extra layer of beauty to the overall design of the ring.

Which Metal Completed Your Tanzanite Engagement Rings?

  • White Gold: - White gold is classy, elegant, and premium metal. It offers the luxurious, cool appealing, and much more affordable than platinum metal. This is the perfect choice for all the skin tones.

  • Yellow Gold: - Yellow gold offers the warm tone metal that is often use to create stunning tanzanite engagement rings. Each piece of jewelry crafts with 10K, 14K & 18K yellow gold.

  • Sterling Silver: - Sterling silver is one of the precious metal and also affordable. Quality and type of metals is one of the deciding factor in tanzanite engagement rings prices.