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Amethyst gold necklaces blend regal aesthetics with spiritual significance and stand out for their luxury and timeless grace. The vibrant purple tone of amethyst is associated with royalty, spirituality, and protection. Also, they are believed to boast positive energy and calmness. You'll find amethyst necklaces in various styles and designs, from enchanting solitaire amethyst necklaces to shimmery halo amethyst pendant sets, each designed to cater to different budgets and preferences.

Why do people love amethyst?

Throughout history, amethyst has been often seen as the gemstone of peace and harmony. The purple hue of the quartz family is one of the most cherished and sought-after gems in the world. Being a calming gemstone, amethyst allows you to relieve stress, balance emotions, and dissolve negative thoughts.

It is also believed to have healing properties that can promote a sense of inner peace. Why do people choose amethyst necklaces? Spiritually, amethyst is connected with protection and purification. Wearing amethyst in a necklace makes it close to heart, eliminating anxiety and stress.

What does amethyst mean as a gift?

Amethyst is said to bring the energy of love and passion. Not only, it is treasured for its dazzling hues but also serves as a meaningful gift on special occasions like anniversaries, and weddings. It's more than just jewelry, the rich color of amethyst, makes it a thoughtful gift for expressing a desire for a recipient's well-being and emotional harmony.

Purple has become the essence of chic, and what better way to captivate attention than with a necklace? the dazzling collection of our amethyst necklaces truly stands out for its versatility and aesthetic charm. Moreover, amethyst necklaces in gold complement all skin tones, available in white gold and yellow gold metal. Our distinct style of amethyst necklaces is specially crafted by expert artisans.

What are the Diverse Styles of Amethyst Necklaces?

  • Amethyst Solitaire Necklace: - They are timeless statement pieces, a perfect blend of sophisticated and contemporary. The unique purple hues complement any personality and make you appear more luminous and stylish.

  • Amethyst Halo Necklace: - A perfect pick for any occasion, these amethyst halo necklaces are graced by a single amethyst gemstone and encircled by a shimmery halo with small glistening diamonds.

  • Infinity Amethyst Necklace: - Handcrafted with accuracy, this infinity necklace combines both significant meaning and timeless beauty, making it a must-have necklace for those who desire elegance and enduring charm in one piece of jewelry.

  • Nature Inspired Amethyst Necklace: - This necklace accentuates the beauty of nature with the nature inspired elements that involves flowers and leafs. Attention to detail, and handcrafted for simplicity, this necklace is the perfect choice for those who appreciate enduring grace and natural charm of nature.

  • Amethyst Drop & Dangle Necklace: - Making a graceful and unique design, these amethyst drop & dangle necklaces are perfect for wearing day or night. Our handcrafted amethyst necklaces offer sophisticated charm, creating a bold statement on any outfit.

  • Amethyst Heart Necklaces: - Featuring heart shape pendant crafted with deep purple amethyst gemstone. Thus necklaces beautifully merge elegance with allure, connected with love and passion.

  • Amethyst Cross Necklaces: - Adorned with captivating purple gemstone, these cross necklaces are specially created in cross design which signifies grace and faith. The luxury purple hue brings an extra touch of glamour and complements any outfit. That makes it stand out as a refined beauty, that can be worn on any occasion.

Which Metal Setting is Best for Amethyst Necklace?

Both prong and claw setting accentuates the brilliance and beauty of amethyst.

  • Prong Setting: - In an amethyst necklace, prong setting involves holding the gemstone using a metal prong usually 4 prong or 3 prongs to secure it in place. Beyond its aesthetic and brilliance, this design also ensures the safety of the gemstone while heightening the beauty of amethyst.

  • Claw Setting: The claw's pointed tips highlight the beauty of amethyst even better. Claw-like structure grips securely and holds the amethyst, allowing light to emphasize its beauty. Mostly, this setting is used for highlighting the purple hues of amethyst.