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  1. Can Citrine be an engagement ring?

    Yes, and the reason is manifold. 

    If we speak of aesthetics, Citrine appeals with its vibrant, sunny hue if it is an unconventional emblem of love that you have been looking for. Beyond that, this November Birthstone Engagement Ring also carries the energies of the sun, thus blessing your love life with happiness, joy, and prosperity.

  2. Can I wear Citrine Engagement Ring every day?

    Without a shred of doubt, yes!

    Citrine impresses with its above-par hardness rating of 7 out of 10 on the Mohs Scale. So whether you own an Antique Citrine Engagement Ring or a Simple one, you can wear it every day without worrying about the potential wear and tear.

  3. Who should wear a Citrine ring?

    Citrine is the renowned birthstone of November, owing to which it is recommended to be worn by those native to the Zodiac sign of Sagittarius.

  4. How to care for a Citrine engagement ring?

    Whether you own something as old as an Estate Citrine Engagement Ring or even a brand new one, maintaining it in the right manner doesn’t require you to be a professional. It just needs you to be religious with the cleaning and mindful of the precautions.

    For cleaning, we have come up with a DIY hack that will help you get rid of all the accumulated dirt, oil, and grime from the surface of your Citrine gemstone:

    • Prepare a solution of water and mild detergent and soak your Citrine ring in it for 10-15 minutes. 

    • If you witness some stubborn stains on the surface of your gemstone, feel free to scrub them away with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

    • Once done, take your ring out of the cleaning mix and immediately put it under running water to do away with the residual soap.

    • Finally, pat it dry with a lint-free microfiber cloth, and you’ll see your Citrine ring sparkling bright and clear.

    To best preserve its beauty, make sure to take your Citrine ring to a professional jeweler once a year. For instance, if you see the metal polish on your Rose Gold Citrine Engagement Ring wearing out, you could get it re-polished. Apart from that, store it away from harder gemstones that have the potential to scratch it. To keep its color from fading, avoid subjecting it to chemical-loaded products like makeup, soaps, and shampoos.

Citrine Engagement Rings

Perfect to commemorate the kind of love that shines as bright as the sun, a Citrine Engagement Ring stands out in the conventional world of jewelry and how! Moreover, we have handcrafted this Sunny gemstone in a fusion of classic, vintage, and contemporary designs that don’t just capture its beauty but go ahead to emphasize it. Let’s take a look:

What is a Citrine Engagement Ring?

Before we become well-versed with the actual meaning of the Citrine Engagement Ring, let’s get to know this phenomenal gemstone a little more:

Prized as the semi-precious birthstone of November, Citrine is one of the most vibrant color varieties of the mineral Quartz. In terms of appearance, it catches the eye by showcasing a glamorous golden-yellow hue.

Having introduced you to this wondrous gemstone, let’s see what November Birthstone Engagement Rings symbolize:

Its cheerful yellow hues would tell you that Citrine is hailed as a symbol of happiness, joy, positivity, and optimism. Citrine is even known to impart the energies of the sun to the wearer. So, popping the question with one of our Unique Citrine Engagement rings insinuates a happy and bright start to the next chapter of your love life. Apart from that, Citrine is highly regarded as a stone that attracts wealth and prosperity, which also makes betrothal rings that are fashioned with it a beautiful lucky charm.

Now that you know what you’re getting your hands on, let our spectacular selection of Citrine Gold Engagement Rings steal your attention:

Our Handcrafted Collection of Citrine Engagement Rings

  • Citrine Solitaire Ring

    True to what the term ‘Solitaire’ suggests, this ring style is mounted with the Centerpiece of Citrine that stands all alone. Moreover, the beauty of Citrine here is showcased the most thanks to its enormous size of 6 MM or more. A Citrine Solitaire Ring makes for one of the most timeless and versatile engagement rings out there, owing to the many shapes it is fashioned with. While a Round or Oval Citrine Engagement Ring stands out for its sophisticated appeal, the one fashioned with Pear, Marquise, or Princess Cut Citrine is meant for couples who fancy a trendy touch. On the other hand, if you’re someone who likes grand gestures of love, a Cushion, Asscher, or Cushion Cut Citrine Ring works best.

  • Citrine Halo Ring

    Emphasizing the Simple Solitaire Style with glitz and glam, a Halo encircles the Centerpiece of Citrine with a row of Diamond/Moissanite. The Halo rewards your Citrine Solitaire with more personality, a larger-looking size, and above all, more brilliance. If you’re one of those couples who fancy some added bling in their ring without compromising on its timeless appeal, you won’t find a better pick than the Citrine and Diamond Engagement Ring (with Diamonds Set in a Halo).

  • 3 Stone Citrine Ring

    Extravagant, unconventional, yet meaningful, this ring style is characterized by three stones of Citrine that are arranged uniformly in a row. The dazzling bright color pop of the three stones of Citrine perfectly resonates with brides who are all about vibrant and flashy colors. Moreover, if you wish for an engagement ring that speaks of the unique love that you both share, a Three Stone Citrine Ring also sheds light on the couple’s journey of togetherness (with each of the three stones representing the past, present, and future, respectively). To add to its romantic appeal, you could even get your hands on a Custom Citrine Engagement Ring that’s been engraved with a meaningful message.

  • Citrine Vintage Engagement Rings

    A Vintage Citrine Ring boasts art-forward designs that were significant back in the Art Deco, Edwardian, and Victorian Eras. Precisely, it is ornamented with heavy metal work that breathes life into abstract patterns, filigree, milgrain detailing, and antique engravings. Moreover, if you’re looking for a sense of emotional touch in your betrothal ring, the old-world feel of this vintage style also makes it look like a Citrine Heirloom Engagement Ring that has been passed on for generations.

  • Citrine Cocktail Ring

    Unconventional, flashy, and flamboyant, a Citrine Cocktail Ring features an enormous Centerpiece of Citrine that is set in an intricate and complex design. For those looking for a bold Citrine Diamond Engagement Ring, this ring style is often complemented with a sparkling parade of Diamond/Moissanite that is ornamented in eye-striking patterns. To lend it a visual appeal, it is often decorated with floral and nature-inspired motifs as well as vintage detailing.