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  1. Is the toi et moi ring trendy?

    With more and more celebrities (right from Kylie Jenner to Emily Ratajkowski) proudly flaunting their Toi Et Moi sparklers, they have surged to massive popularity and there seems to be no going back. While its contemporary appeal surely takes the credit for that, the meaningful symbolism that it boasts has also made it a popular choice of engagement ring among the modern couples.

  2. What wedding band for toi et moi?

    Though the final choice ultimately boils down to your preferences, if you’re looking for a Toi Et Moi Ring with Wedding Band together, we’d recommend going for a plain one. That’s because this ring style is far from ordinary and makes for an eye-striking statement on its own. That is why it doesn’t need a wedding band to dramatically emphasize its aesthetic appeal. It needs something that complements and seamlessly goes with it, without stealing any attention from it.

  3. When were toi et moi rings popular?

    Toi Et Moi Style Rings began to garner popularity during the late 19th and 20th century, particularly during the Victorian and Edwardian Eras. Back in 1796 when Napolean Bonaparte asked for Josephine De Beauharnais’s hand in marriage with a Toi Et Moi Engagement Ring, it caught massive attention. Ever since, it has been exchanged to celebrate the union of two souls as one.

  4. Are toi et moi rings timeless?

    Yes, absolutely! No matter how contemporary a Toi Et Moi Birthstone Ring is, it still appears as timeless as a Solitaire Ring (if not more). The credit for that goes to its elegant cum eye-striking design that refuses to go out of style. That’s pretty much why this ring style has been around ever since the 18th century and is still favored by couples all around the globe. Beyond that, the symbolic meaning that it holds makes it a timeless token of love.

  5. What is the significance of the toi et moi ring?

    Be it a Colored Gemstone, Diamond, or Moissanite Toi Et Moi Ring, this ring style holds immense significance. The term Toi Et Moi itself is French for ‘you and me.’ True to the design (that incorporates two gemstones/diamonds set side by side), it celebrates the union of two souls that are meant to be one. So long story short, it is this romantic symbolism that takes complete credit for driving great significance and sentimental appeal to it.

Toi Et Moi Rings

Scouting for something that celebrates your union in the most profound and romantic manner? You won’t come across a better love emblem than Toi Et Moi Rings when that’s the case. Moreover, if you’re the contemporary kind of couple, it is the perfect way forward! So without further ado, let’s find the one for you:

What is a Toi Et Moi Ring?

If we speak of the design, a Toi Et Moi Style Ring wraps around the finger and boasts twin stones of Diamonds/Gemstones that are nestled close to each other. Since unlike the traditional Solitaire ring, it is a ring with 2 stones, it speaks to more unconventional and contemporary senses of style.

However, don’t let its modish appeal trick you into believing that it is all aesthetics. The symbolic meaning of Toi Et Moi Ring goes much beyond that. Let’s discuss:

What does a Toi Et Moi Ring mean?

First things first, the term ‘Toi Et Moi’ here is French for ‘you and me,’ which itself sheds light upon the kind of romantic symbolism that it boasts. The union of two gemstones in this style celebrates the coming together of two souls as one, which is what‘s made a Toi Et Moi Engagement Ringsuch a prized possession among couples who like their betrothal ring to carry a sentimental story.

Having said that, let’s get to know the many stones we fashion a Two Stone Ring in:

  • Colored Gemstone: If your aesthetics are all about some pop of color, colored gemstone rings are the perfect way forward! What’s more, you have a world of options right from subtle colored ones like Morganite, Aquamarine rings, etc., to deeply hued ones like Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby Toi Et Moi Rings, etc. Beyond that, each colored gemstone boasts a unique symbolism, that speaks to each person/couple differently.

  • Diamond: Despite going for an unconventional ring style, if you’re still a bit traditional at heart (and can’t resist the sparkles), don’t look beyond a Toi Et Moi Diamond Ring. As an added advantage, Diamonds perfectly commemorate the eternal love and commitment that you both share.

  • Pearl: If a sophisticated and elegant style statement resonates with you, nothing compares to a Pearl Toi Et Moi Ring.

The Different Shapes of Stones in Toi Et Moi Rings

  • Round: If you wish for a hint of classic touch in your Modern Toi Et Moi Ring, it’s best to go for the one fashioned with Conventional Round Cut Stones. What’s more, owing to the strategical arrangement of its 57 facets (per stone), it exudes an unparalleled brilliance.

  • Oval: An Oval Toi Et Moi Ring truly stands out for its oblong and elongated Stones. If you wish for something beyond the ordinary without ditching the classics entirely, it is the shape to go for! Moreover, it gives off the illusion of longer, slimmer fingers.

  • Pear: If you’re on the lookout for a completely contemporary and fancy Two Stone Ring, consider going for the one fashioned in Pear Cut (also referred to as Teardrop). Each stone here boasts a pointy end on one hand and a rounded one on the other.

  • Heart: Easily the most romantic choice among the many rings out there, a Toi Et Moi Heart Ring is meant to confess love. It has steadily become the go-to choice of engagement ring for the hopeless romantic couples.

Besides that, the best part about a Toi Et Moi Ring is that it is anything but ordinary and offers great creative freedom. Staying true to that, it offers you the option to splurge on a ring that is adorned with two gemstones fashioned in different shapes (set side by side). So,whether you go for the trendy Kylie-inspired Pear and Octagon Cut Ring, or choose to go for a classic cum antique Toi Et Moi Ring fashioned in a Round and Cushion Cut, you have a world of options before you .