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Rosec Jewels Buy Back Program

We understand how evolving times call for Change.

Sometimes thanks to your modified aesthetics and sometimes as a result of your hunt for something that you can resonate with more, swapping out an old piece of jewelry for a new and better one may cross your mind.

Rosec Jewels’s Buy Back Program is not only here to cater to that requirement of yours, but also help you make the best out of it by turning it into a profitable and pocket-friendly deal. Through this service, we put our best efforts into ensuring that our customers never have to settle. With that motive in mind, we’re pleased to take our relationship a step forward and more than honored to serve you with our Buy Back Program.

What is Buy Back Program?

Our Jewelry Buy Back Program facilitates you with the opportunity to trade an existing piece of jewelry (that you have previously purchased from us) for a new one in exchange.

When you apply for the Buy-Back of your old jewelry, we deduct a 30% restocking fee from the original price of your old product (that you paid to make the purchase). The remainder amount is referred to as the "Buy-Back price" of your existing jewelry. It is balanced when you purchase a new product that must be at least 2x the buy-back price.

Rosec Jewels currently operates a buy-back program. We'll explain exactly how the buy-back system works - and why there are better alternatives if you want to sell our product(s) to us.

How does it work?

The process is not as complicated as it may seem to you and the good part is that everybody is eligible to apply for Buy Back Service through the inquiry form.

Submit Form

Once you submit the Buy-back inquiry form on this page with all the required details, one of our executives gets in touch with you.

Best Valuation by Experts

Your jewelry may have to go through a process of visual inspection, upon which our team of experts lets you know if it is eligible for the trade-in.

Select your Product

Once approved for eligibility, feel free to select (and add to cart) another item from our catalog that you wish to purchase in exchange.

Via mail, we share a discount code with you that upon applying, can deduct the price of the trade-in jewelry (after reducing 30% OFF it).

Shipping Label

We share a shipping label with you afterwards and our delivery partner collects the trade-in jewelry from your home.

Get Your Desired Product

And Ta-da, there you have a brand-new jewelry to cherish forever, at a worthy deal.

Some note-worthy Points

  • You don’t have to worry about any additional taxes that you may have paid to buy your existing jewelry. They are NOT TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT when we calculate your total bill amount.

  • The price of the new jewelry that you’re willing to purchase in exchange should at least be double than the trade-in value (i.e., the depreciated price of the existing jewelry)

  • The policy doesn’t apply to customers that do not have a US or UK address for shipping.

Plus Points of availing Buy-Back Service

  • You have a wide and versatile catalog to pick your favorite piece from in exchange. It can also be customized as per your wish.

  • You’re getting your hands on a jewelry that resonates with you better at a more pocket-friendly (and otherwise expensive) rate.

  • The evaluation process of existing jewelry is done online by our team of experts, thus saving you more time and proving to be a lot convenient.

  • The shipping is absolutely free of cost.

  • The entire process is made to cater to your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the terms and conditions for Buy-Back?
  • The price of the new jewelry that you're purchasing in exchange must be double the trade-in value, i.e., the depreciated price of the old jewelry that you're selling out.

  • The existing jewelry is only eligible for the trade-in once our team of experts visually inspects and approves it.

  • Please note that the trade-in service can only be availed by customers who have a UK or US address for shipping.
Is there a return policy in Buy-back program?

Yes, we offer a 30 days return/exchange policy.

If you wish to return the new jewelry in place of the trade-in item, you're eligible to do so within the time period of 30 days. But in that case, the entire shipping cost will be borne by the customer.

In the event that you're simply unsatisfied with the new purchase and wish to exchange it for another (without any involvement of the trade-in item), the shipping charges will be free of cost.

What kind of jewelry can be bought-back?

The good part is that you can buy-back jewelry of any kind, be it of gemstone, diamond or pearl.

Will I receive the full value of my trade-in jewelry in the Buy-back program?

As a result of wear and tear and exposure, your jewelry might have sufficed some damage because of which we deduct 30% from the original price of your jewelry. That is how we arrive at the trade-in value.

Do I have to pay any additional charges/taxes for buy-back?

Absolutely not! No extra charges are required to be paid since we share a shipping label with you beforehand so that the entire cost is borne by us.