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About 2 Carat Engagement Ring

Things you should know before selecting 2 Carat Engagement Ring

What is 2 Carat Ring?

Two carat gemstone refers to its weight. 2 carat will weigh the same as half as raisin, which is nearly 400 milligrams and 8 MM diameter.

We offer different designs and motif in 2 CT rings and each ring is distinct and so is their price. Gemstones are priced per carat, and the price increases with the rise in weight. It is suggested to look for a gemstone that is a little below 2 CT, that is, 1.90 to 1.99 CT, which can lead to almost the same weight but a lower price. Though 2 CT rings are very popular in the market these days, there are experts who bring them to the desired weight by cutting them brilliantly.

Appearance and Size of 2 CT Engagement Ring

A 2-carat diamond, moissanite, ruby, or sapphire can appear larger in some shapes; in fact,  the size differs in different shapes. 2 CT of round brilliant cut stone will be approximately 8.19x8.19 MM, whereas princess cut will be 6.94x6.94 MM.

Factors to Choose 2 CT Engagement Ring

Check the Clarity Grade

  • Very very small inclusion (VVS)
  • Very small inclusion (VS)
  • SI1 and SI2: small inclusions
  • I1, I2, I3: included

For 2 carats, VS and SI grade stones are recommended. They are eye-clean and come at an affordable price. Make sure that your gemstone is eye-clean. How it appears to you is the biggest factor. Price per carat is different for each stone, and the clarity grade will make it rise differently.

Check the Color Grade

Color grading plays a significant role in deciding the price of any gemstone, but the difference is not always easy to tell with naked eyes.

Different gemstones necessitate different color-level analyses.

If we talk about diamonds and moissanites, following are the grades that you need to check before buying:

  • For diamonds, from D to Z, D, E, and F are colorless, and Z has a yellow tint.
  • For Moissanite, from D to K, D, E, and F are colorless, and J and K have a yellow tint.
  • For 2-carat diamond and moissanite engagement rings, we generally recommend selecting within the nearly colorless range of G to I. Gemstones in this range will look just as colorless as those in the D to F range but will cost much less.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to see it with a naked eye; therefore, it is recommended to seek expert assistance or check a report card.
  • With big gemstones in diamond and moissanite, color of the gemstone should be in relation to its setting and metal so that it appears almost colorless. 2 CT stone looks great with white, yellow and rose gold metal.

In case of colored gemstones, you need to take care of three important factors:

  1. Decide the Hue of gemstone:
    • Refers to the basic color that you see: ruby is red, emerald is green, amethyst is purple, and blue sapphire is blue.

  2. Check the tone of the gemstone:
    • Color brightness or darkness, such as ruby is a vibrant red, garnet is a dark red, emerald is a vivid green, and peridot is a light green.
    • Every colored gemstone comes in lighter tone and darker tone, whichever seems more attractive should be bought

  3. Choose the rightly Saturated :
    • Refers to the intensity of the color.
    • Medium to high saturation will result in vivid color and low saturation will make the hue dull.

Check the Cut

It should be the excellent cut so you get maximum brilliance. A good or bad cut will make all the difference in appearance and price. 2 Ct poorly cut gemstone with cost you 60% to 80% lesser than a fine cut gemstone.

Don’t compromise on the cut as that determines its fire and brilliance. A dull gemstone is not worth your money.

Shape of the gemstone

It is a personal preference, your shape should match the right setting. For example, a princess-cut stone should be protected with the prongs.

Some shapes make stone look elongated. Round, oval, marquise, and pear shapes are the most common in 2 CT gemstones. Fancy shapes such as cushion, princess, and asscher cuts make stones appear larger than round shapes and are thus popular in 2 CT category rings. 


Check 4 Cs of for each stone because no 2 CT gem is same. Also, the overall quality of the gemstone should matter most to you rather than carat.

Sizing for engagement ring

There are multiple ways to do that: match the size of an already existing ring, or you can use a plastic ring sizer.

Why to shop your 2 CT Engagement Ring from Rosec Jewels ?

  • Customer satisfaction is our priority.
  • The prices are affordable and budget-friendly.
  • Certification of each gemstone.
  • Variety of settings and styles of Jewelry.
  • Easy exchange and return.