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  1. Is it right to wear yellow sapphire in a pendant ?

    Yes, it is absolutely right to wear it as a pendant. The most important thing is that it should touch your skin. The length of the chain should be such that the Yellow Sapphire touches the thymus gland area. This aspect is considered for the astrological benefits, but if you choose to wear it for only accessorising purposes, then you can choose any form, cut, and length.

  2. Can yellow sapphire be worn with silver metal ?

    Yellow sapphire is best suited with gold, and if it is yellow gold, nothing could match it in terms of sparkle and benefits. Though you can go for silver metal. Yellow Sapphire Gemstone ornaments if the user is unable to afford to purchase gold jewelry.

  3. Is Yellow Sapphire durable stone ?

    Yes, yellow sapphire has quite a high durability, with a 9 score on the Mohs Scale. This is something that will last for years to come, and you can wear it over and over again.

  4. Which shade of yellow sapphire is the best ?

    There are many shades of yellow, from lighter shades of yellow like lemon to darker ones like golden light. You choose what appeals to you the most, but the most sought after is canary yellow, as its brightness is unmatched.

  5. Why do I need a yellow sapphire pendant ?

    You need a yellow sapphire pendant for two supreme reasons; its astrological benefit and its exceptional aesthetic appeal. Spiritually, it is the most powerful stone to help you progress in life because of its connection with the strongest planet, Jupiter. Aesthetically, there is no gem like this one. Yellow Sapphire exudes a soothing light like sunshine and is capable of grabbing everyone’s attention in the room.

About Yellow Sapphire Necklaces

Bright like the sun, yellow sapphire is worn in the form of a pendant necklace for its unique radiating hue and mystical properties. The gemstone is not only used to transform one’s luck but also for protection from evil forces and negative energies. This stone comes with a very high spiritual significance and is often used to enhance fortune. It is a sturdy and strong gem with exceptional brilliance, which makes it a popular choice in the new trend.

Rosec jewels has a collection of some voguish and bewitching pendant necklaces that you can gift as a token of love or to strengthen the bond. Along with bestowing the wearer with life-changing benefits, it will give a vivacious look on special occasions. Hence, a yellow sapphire pendant necklace must not be missed in your collection.

Things to take care before buying Yellow Sapphire Pendant Necklace

  • It comes in multiple hues : Yellow Sapphire is available in a multiple range of hues starting from lemon yellow to golden yellow, but the most preferred one is in a canary yellow tone because of its excellent color consistency.
  • It comes with high grade clarity : The yellow sapphire is known for its clarity as it comes with fewer inclusions that are easy to hide with the proper cut.
  • Cut of the Stone : You must choose the right cut as it contributes a great deal to enhancing or diminishing the brilliance. You can often find yellow sapphires in oval, round, cushion, octagon, emerald, and heart cut as they make them look scintillating and allow light and color to shine through in the most brilliant manner.
  • The stone is treated or untreated : Most yellow sapphires are found with feather-like inclusions, but that does not diminish the beauty of the stone. It is sometimes treated to make it appear completely flawless.Hence, if you see an eye-clean and a very perfect yellow sapphire, you can know it is treated.
  • The Most Suitable Metal for Yellow Sapphire  : It is suggested that you wear yellow sapphire in silver and gold metals only. The first choice should be gold in yellow. However, in some cases, brass, platinum, or white gold can also be used.