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  1. How much do Tahitian pearl necklaces cost?

    We at Rosec Jewels offer the most affordable prices for Thaitian Pearl Necklaces and Tahitian Pearl Jewelry, starting from $500 and going up to $2500.

  2. How do you clean Tahitian pearls ?

    Pearls are sensitive and thus should be saved from every kind of damage. Make sure you do not expose your tahitian pearl necklace to harsh chemicals. Also, clean it with soft fabric after every use and store it in the jewelry box.

  3. Are Tahitian pearls worth buying ?

    Yes, they are very much worth buying, especially because of their exquisite look. They were rare and expensive before the invention of cultured pearls, but they are in abundance now and also much more affordable. Tahitian pearl jewelry is a must have for a high-end look.

  4. How to tell if Tahitian pearls are real ?

    A fake Tahitian pearl will look too perfect to be true. It will be completely spherical, with a smooth surface and a matte appearance under the light. Real Tahitian pearls always reflect the light. Its brightness will tell you if the pearl is real or not.

  5. Does water affect the Tahitian Pearl jewerly ?

    Yes, prolonged exposure to water with activities like swimming, bathing, and dishwashing can be damaging to your tahitian pearl jewelry.

About Tahitian Pearl Necklace

Tahitian Pearls, which are also known as Tahiti Pearls, are naturally black-colored pearls. They are referred to as black or grey pearls due to their dark shade. They are mostly round in shape and their size ranges from 8 MM to 18 MM. They are no less in the department of lustre.

Tahitian Pearl Pendant Necklace is perfect for women who prefer colored pearls instead of white pearls or those who want to own both for different looks and different occasions. They are a great option to be gifted to June babies. Here, we have an extensive variety of tahitian pearl necklaces for you to choose from. These most sought-after pearls are sure to uplift your glam game.

Consider these factors before buying Tahitian Pearl Jewelry.

  • Surface: Judge the quality of its surface by touching it and knowing how smooth its layers are. The roughness can be due to bumpiness, pits, wrinkles, and spots. The smoother ones are definitely more valuable. Check their grading cards to be sure of surface quality.
  • Lustre: Lustre has been divided into multiple categories, ranging from excellent to poor quality. Hence, with the help of their score, you can know which one is lutrous and which one is not. Excellent to good quality is more valuable than others.
  • Color: Tahitian pearl is not exactly black but has the tone of black with the overtones of green and purple. They appear more gray than black. They get their dark color from the black lip oyster as this variety of pearls originates from them.

The most important thing is to understand the grading system of Tahitian pearls. That will make your job of selecting the right jewelry very easy. It is from A to AAA, where A is the lowest quality, and AAA is the best quality. Hence, before buying, check the gardes.

At Rosec Jewels, you will see only AAA grade Tahitian pearl pendant necklaces.