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  1. Are South Sea Pearls expensive?

    The price of the South Sea Pearl (similar to just any other gemstone) largely depends upon its quality, shape, and size. It ranges from $450 to $800 in our collection of South Sea Pearl Gold Earrings.

  2. Is South Sea pearl a Real Pearl?

    Yes, South Sea Pearl is the golden color variety of Pearl that forms inside a gold-lipped oyster.

  3. Is it worth buying South Sea Pearls?

    Without a shred of doubt, yes!

    We’d label South Sea Pearls as worth every penny for all the right reasons. For starters, their glorious gold hue lends them a luxurious appeal, making Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings a timeless choice of accessory. What’s more, they are also treasured as the symbol of purity, wisdom, wealth, and feminine energy. Some even regard them as a status symbol.

  4. Who should wear South Sea pearl?

    While the final choice depends upon your individual preference, wearing South Sea Pearl is astrologically recommended to those native to the Zodiac signs of Aries, Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer.

  5. What are the benefits of wearing South Sea Pearl?

    Wearing South Sea Pearl Gold Earrings comes with its own share of astrological benefits:

    • Having ties with the Moon, this June Birthstone is believed to invoke higher consciousness in the wearer.

    • It blesses the wearer with emotional stability, thus keeping stress and anxiety at bay. Moreover it promotes serenity and calmness.

    • Owing to its associations with Moon, it is regarded as the symbol of feminine energy. Thanks to that, it fosters nurturing and protective energies and enhances compassion and empathy.

    • Pearl has long been believed to help in healing ailments related to the throat, eye, nervous system, intestinal disorders, asthma, and cold.

    • Last but not the least, South Sea Pearl is believed to bless the wearer with wealth, success, and prosperity.

South Sea Pearl Earrings

Glam up your style statement with a pair of South Sea Pearl Earrings that are any day a choice of luxury! Handcrafted to perfection, each design here complements the phenomenal beauty of this gemstone at best. What’s more, whether you like to keep it understated, love to go all flashy with your choice of accessory or lie anywhere in between, you’re sure to find a favorite here:

Introducing Golden South Sea Pearl

The most glorious out of all Pearls, South Sea Pearl is formed (in large sizes) inside a white or gold- lipped Pinctada Maxima Oyster, particularly in the South Seas. It comes hued in a luxurious palette of satiny colors that range from silvery-white to gold. Besides that, it commemorates the beautiful month of June.

Now that you know this gemstone, aren’t you already wondering what makes Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings such a prized possession? While the list of reasons are endless, let’s keep the long story short by discussing the significance that this glamorous gemstone holds in a nutshell:

South Sea Pearl Significance

One of the rarest and most valuable variety of Pearl out there, South Sea Pearl impresses with its large size (which makes it stand out from other types of Pearls), unique luster, and luxurious gold hue. It is even held in high regard as a status symbol in Europe. Beyond that, it is treasured for the kind of symbolism that it boasts. Having ties with the moon, it invokes a person’s consciousness. Also, true to their glorious hue, it is also regarded as a symbol of prosperity and reputation (even held in high regard as a status symbol in Europe). Besides that, being a Pearl, it represents purity, wisdom, and feminine energy.

Everything said and done, we understand if you can’t wait to get your hands upon a pair of Golden Pearl Earrings that fits best with your sense of style. So, without any further ado, let’s head to the fun part and introduce you to the versatile selection of earring types that we carry:

Types of Golden Pearl Earrings

  • South Sea Pearl Stud Earrings

    A timeless classic, this style of Golden Pearl Earrings sits tight against the earlobe (without hanging or dangling down), secured by a post back. To lend their minimalist appeal a luxurious touch, they are adorned with the centerpiece of South Sea Pearl. Whether you team them up with your everyday ensembles for an understated look or save them for special occasions to contrast your fancy ensembles with a touch of elegance, they make for a befitting statement.

  • South Sea Pearl Drop Earrings

    A choice of elegance, South Sea Pearl Drop Earrings hang (or drop) just below the earlobe while putting all the spotlight on the glamorous centerpiece of South Sea Pearl. What’s more, they can look elegant and statement-making both at once. So, whether you choose to team up a pair of Classic drops for a meeting-ready look or go for a flashy pair of Bridal Drops to commemorate your big day with, they fit well with both.

  • South Sea Pearl Dangle Earrings

    Flashy and flamboyant, this style of South Sea Pearl Gold Earrings swings (or dangles) below the earlobe in a to and fro motion. Its statement-making appeal is best brought out by the embellishment of the glorious centerpiece of South Sea Pearl. You can easily call them the most statement-making choice of South Sea Pearl Earrings for Women who fancy a party-ready look.

South Sea Pearl: Real Or Fake?

It’s not strange to confuse a Fake South Seal Pearl for its real counterpart owing to the uncanny resemblance. And the good news is- it’s also not something to be worried about as long as you’re abiding by the following tried and trusted measures to tell them apart:

  • A texture test never fails. The surface of a Real South Sea Pearl tends to be more rough owing to its natural formation, which is not the case with its fake counterpart. Simply touch and closely observe how it feels against the skin and you’ll be able to tell if it is real or not.

  • No Real Pearl is completely devoid of imperfections (often found in the form of irregularities or blemishes). You can easily look for them under 10X magnification. If the pearl looks too perfect to be real, it probably isn’t.

  • Golden South Sea Pearl Earrings stand out for their glorious glow and luster. So, simply subject your Pearl to white light and observe how it reacts. If you don’t notice it to emanate a bright and satiny luster, you might want to cross-check its authenticity.