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FAQs about an Ethiopian Opal Bracelet

  1. Which metal should I choose for an Ethiopian opal bracelet ?

    You can choose from yellow, white, and rose gold, depending on what appeals to you the most.

  2. Why should I wear an Ethiopian Opal bracelet?

    Ethiopian opal brings luck and magic. Furthermore, a little colour play on you will enhance your appearance.

  3. Who should wear an Ethiopian Opal bracelet?

    It’s magical appearance is believed to benefit October-born people as it is an October birthstone.

  4. How to take care of Ethiopian Opals?

    After each use, clean your Ethiopian Opal jewelry with a dry and soft cloth.

    Never soak your Ethiopian opal in water to clean it because water changes its appearance.

  5. How should I choose my opal bracelet or opal jewelry ?

    Depending on what motif, style, pattern and metal appeals to you the most, choose a bracelet.

About Ethiopian Opal Bracelet

Ethiopian opal, the stone with the vibrant hue that creates an effect like a rainbow, is also popularly known as "hydrophane". Hydrophane is a Greek word which means "water-loving," as Ethiopian opals absorb water in the most unique manner. Water transforms them from opaque, to translucent, then finally transparent.

Ethiopian opal is a new stone, as its discovery did not happen before 1990 and it was first mined in 2008. The word "opal" in its name comes from; Sanskrit word "upala," which means, precious stone," and it is said that mother goddess changed the virgin goddess of the rainbow into a stone to save her from the wrong attention of three gods.

Knowing the historical and mythological significance of our jewelry makes the experience rich. This play of colors, this vitality, and this eye-catching quality in Ethiopian opal will make you fall in love with them instantly. And accessorizing your ensemble with an Ethiopian opal bracelet can multiply your radiance.

Ethiopian opal bracelets have been brought to you in styles like "bolo, tennis, station chain, bangle, cuff, and charm bracelets" with designs like "solitaire, three-stone, halo" and varied shapes like "cushion, oval, round, pear, and princess cut" on a yellow, white, and rose gold metal.

If you are a minimalist queen, you can go for either cuff or solitaire bracelets, and if you like gemstones spreading their aura in their fullest form, then a Tennis Bolo or Station Chain bracelet is for you, if you are planning to give Ethiopian opal as an anniversary gift, then a nine-stone or three-stone bracelet will be the perfect one to choose; and lastly, if trendy jewelry defines your style, then Ethiopian opal charm bracelets are ideal for you.

Guide to buy Ethiopian Opal Bracelet

  • AAA: Best Quality

    Vivid and bright colors, devoid of fractures, matrix inclusions, and other imperfections, or if there are, they are so minute that they don’t affect the beauty of the stone.

  • AA: Better Quality

    Very similar to AAA, but a little less in comparison. A little matrix can be found on the stone, but no internal matrix can be seen with the naked eye. Also, no fractures or other imperfections.

  • A: Good

    They are good to look at but have some visible imperfections like cracks, irregular shapes, or a milky appearance with a play of color, but the color will be bright in most cases.

Grading is done keeping the following factors in mind:

  • Color

    You need to see the background hue and the play of colors. How vividly and beautifully the stone radiates the mix and pattern of color.

  • Cut

    Before cutting Ethiopian Opal, the color, clarity, and pattern of the opal are taken into account. Round, pear, princess, marquise, and oval are the most common shapes, but a cabochon cut is considered to be the best. Its dome top gives the best play of colour.

  • Clarity

    Opals can be found as transparent to entirely opaque. The various degrees of purity for various opal kinds are measured by experts.

  • Carat

    Ethiopian Opal comes in various kind of sizes, small and large both.