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  1. Is ring a good gift for mom?

    Ring is a meaningful gift for any woman, specially mom. Every ring carries a bundle of emotions and when it is for an occasion as special as Mother’s day, the gift becomes more profound. Mothers love to wear rings fashioned with the birthstones of their children.

  2. What is the best gift for Mother’s Day?

    A customized Mom inscribed necklace, gemstone eternity rings signifying your love, jewelry with infinity and heary symbol and the most royal of them all: Pearl jewelry, make for a sought after gift for Mother’s day.

  3. Can Mother’s Day jewelry be customized?

    Yes. absolutely! A mother’s day jewelry can be completely customized to add an emotional significance and personal meaning to your gift.

About Mother’s Day

Moms deserve to be celebrated everyday! So why not gift her a token of love she would cherish for a lifetime this Mother’s Day? Let’s honor the unconditional love she spoils us with by gifting a gorgeous piece of jewelry that is reminiscent of your love and appreciation for her.

Why jewelry on Mother’s Day?

Jewelry, needless to say, connects to women on an emotional and personal level since time immemorial. And moms are no exception. Since women’s love with everything shiny and stunning is well known, why not present them with something similar this Mother’s Day? Jewelry carries unforgettable memories and hence, every significant day today is commemorated with it. Right from Kate Middletone’s Mommy necklace to Khloe’s ‘True’ ring, mom’s affair with jewelry is a long one.

Jewelry gifts for Mother’s Day

Let’s take a look at some of the most meaningful and gorgeous gifts to surprise your Mother with:

  • Ring: Let your Mom flash that ring she’d forever wear in her finger and carry in her heart. Our collection is inclusive of a wide number of versatile designs including the classic solitaire gemstone ring that celebrates that one of a kind love that you share with your mom, eternity ring signifying everlasting love fashioned with an endless circle of gemstones, and timeless vintage inspired pieces.
  • Earrings: Our collection of earrings for mother’s day is inclusive of the classic round shape gemstone and eternity earrings that represents circles, depictive of mothers creating a circle with their arms wrapped around their wombs, heart shape earrings signifying your love for her, pearl earrings to compliment her graceful style, endearing two stone earrings along with timeless hoops and more elaborate dangle earrings.
  • Pendant: The pretty pendants in our Mother’s day collection are inclusive of solitaire, teardrop, pearl and more endearing designs such as heart and infinity shaped gemstone pendants symbolizing your eternal love for her.
  • Bracelet: What better accessory than bracelets to match the elegance of your Mother. Our collection of bracelets is inclusive of a number of versatile designs: station chain, link chain, bolo, floral and bar link.