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FAQs about Morganite Bracelets

  1. How to take care of Morganite bracelet?

    The ideal way to clean your Morganite is with warm soapy water and gentle scrubbing. Avoid harsh chemical contact with the gemstone.

  2. Is Morganite durable?

    Yes, Morganite is a durable gemstone. It can be worn every day.

  3. Is Morganite treated?

    Yes, Morganite is treated for color enhancement. It is a common practice that is followed with all Morganite stones.

  4. Does Morganite's color fade?

    Morganite color is the result of treatment, but it is very stable and does not fade.

  5. Who can wear Morganite jewelry?

    Morganite is not officially a birthstone but is considered excellent for Taurus, Cancer, and Pisces Zodiac Signs.

  6. Which metals look best with Morganite?

    Morganite looks good with white and yellow gold metals, but it goes best with rose gold. It is also the most popular choice, as their color match perfectly with each other.

About Morganite Bracelets

Morganite, the beryl variety of gemstone, comes in a variety of pink hues; rose, peach, blush, and salmon. These flattering shades of Morganite will instantly make you fall in love with the gemstone. Being a symbol of love and romance, it adds a warm vibe to anything it is matched with.

You can wear this charming gemstone in different kinds of jewelry. Morganite bracelets are the easiest and most stylish way to bring effortless elegance to your outfit. They look exquisite, subtle, and glowing at the same time. Our bracelet collection is a perfect blend of different styles, catering to different kinds of occasions. Indulgence is automatic when you get to choose among vintage, modish, and extravagant morganite bracelets. Their brilliance and design is enough to turn all the heads and win you all the love.

Morganite Bracelet Buying Guide

  • Color

    Pale pink to peach pink with medium or high saturation should look attractive as pure blush pink.

  • Clarity

    Eye-clean, without any visible inclusions, brilliant luster.

  • Cut

    Finely cut, symmetrical, and sparkling from all angles

  • Carat

    Carat weight does not affect the price of morganite as they are easily available in large sizes

Look at the Grading

Grading is done after assessing all the major factors of a gemstone, like color, clarity, cut, and carat. By looking at grade card you can have an idea where does your gemstone stands. The standard grades that are given to Morganite Jewelry are:

  1. AAA: Best Quality
  2. AA: Better Quality
  3. A: Good Quality