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Hand Painted Kingfisher Cufflinks, Wedding Jewelry Gift for Him, Unique Accessory for Mens

SKU: RCCL1019026
US $ 100.00
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Product Details

Brand – Name

Rosec Jewels

Stock No


Material / Contents

Brass, 22 Kt Gold Plating

Rhodium Colour

Rose Gold


18 mm



Product Description 

These Kingfisher Bird Gold Cufflinks is the stunning Accessory for Mens for any smart shirt. We customize these Groom Wedding Jewelry for Him in brass metal and plated with 22kt Gold Metal, a layering of enamel to secure the Unique Bird Animal Cufflinks. Brighten up your day with bold colors and designs with Hand Painted Cufflinks for Mens.

Item Description & Specification

 Brand Name: Rosec jewels


Cufflinks Cut: Round

Cufflinks Style: Animal

Rhodium Color: Rose Gold

Material Composition: Base Metal

Materials/ Contents: Brass, 22 KT Gold Plating

Size: 18 mm

Custom and Personalized Orders

 Every piece of jewelry speaks a different story. We craft jewelry with the utmost care and fine detailing. We like to feature jewelry with diamonds and emotions. We love craft designs that are close to your heart and have some meaning in it. Jewelries are special especially when they are personalized. We love to craft your story with our enchanting designs. All your innovative ideas are welcomed with open hands. We customize Kingfishers Bird Mens Jewelry Cufflinks in 22 KT Gold Plating.

Why you'll - L O V E - I T!

 • Completely innovative & versatile

• Meticulous detailing of the product

• Hypoallergenic, nickel-free & safe for sensitive skin


Gift Wrapping and Packaging

We ensure your Unique Cufflinks Accessory for Him jewelry is in a high-quality box. Wrapping and packaging are done with care and cautions. We also do the special wrapping and gift packaging, so if you need so let us know your wants and requirements.

We work for customer satisfaction and happiness. Each piece we craft has some unique story hidden in it. Buy anything from our store and you’ll always remember us for our dedicated work and amazing designs. You can But Gold Diamond Jewelry With Stunning Pendant:  https://www.rosecjewels.com/categories/pendants and also available Bracelet: https://www.rosecjewels.com/categories/bracelet with stunning Ring Sets:  https://www.rosecjewels.com/categories/rings and Wedding Bridal Earrings: https://www.rosecjewels.com/categories/earrings.


Our Services:


•         100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.

•         FREE Worldwide Insured Priority Shipping.

•         FREE Premium Product Box.

•         All our Jewellery is Hallmarked & Certified.

•         Save up to 20% Over Retail.

•         Online Shop Anytime Anywhere Available.


Thanks a lot, because you have just purchased a Jewellery piece at Rosec Jewels, and we want to thank you for being a member of our Rosec House.

Our Rosec Jewels is here to resolve any is Jewels, make sure your satisfaction with our products will stand the test of time. And we’ll continue to craft the special pieces for every one-of-a-kind occasion, person and purpose in your life.  

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RosecJewels.Online

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rosec_jewels/

Pinterest: https://in.pinterest.com/rosecjewels/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JewelsRosec

Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/rosecjewels






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