All About Peridot

Peridot is a mineral of the olivine family. It has a shading that is altogether its own, yet it is numerous multiple times mistaken for Emerald stone. The green shade of a Peridot ranges from light green to bottle green and dark green. It is the birthstone of August and a propitious stone for those couples who are commending their sixteenth anniversary. It is a lovely gemstone thus it makes awesome gems. It is a stone of softness and magnificence and it has numerous advantages joined to it.

Peridots increment quality and essentialness in individuals. They have a quieting impact on the wearer. They are additionally said to acquire joy and warmth the lives of individuals. They are known to ease outrage, dread, melancholy, apprehension, nervousness, and envy.

They increment quality in individuals and decrease nervousness. At the point when utilized as an accessory, they become a defender against negative feelings. This stone discharges antagonism and gets lucidity considerations.

They help individuals in getting connections and their qualities. Since this stone is identified with joy, love and truth, it ingrains a feeling of honesty in individuals and makes them think in a same manner. They are the stone of affection and are known to cultivate love.

At the point when worn as a talisman, Peridot stones are useful for asthma and sinus. They have their nursing powers which have given otherworldly impacts on eye, stomach, thyroid, liver and other body parts.

Actual Photos of Peridot

These are some actual pictures which we use in our products. They are clicked in Day Light. The actual stone color may slightly vary as due to screen resolution limitation actual shade cannot be captured. Still if you need any clarification you can contact us.


Peridot Size Chart ( approximate weight in carat )

The 4C’s of Peridot

1. Cut - With skilled cutting maximizing its beautiful body-color, peridot can be a stunning gem. It’s available in a wide variety of old shapes and cutting styles, including brilliant cuts like oval, pear, round, marquise, or cushion, and step cuts like a square or rectangle emerald cut.

2. Color - The most favored peridot color is a richly saturated green that’s free from brown tints that are best displayed in larger gems. Smaller stones sometimes show yellowish-green hues and brown undertones which may lower the value of peridot.

3. Clarity - The best quality peridot has no eye-visible inclusions, with perhaps a few minutes chromite mineral crystals that are visible under magnification. Other inclusions common in peridot are reflective, disk-shaped inclusions sometimes called “lily pads.”

4. Carat - The finest gems generally weigh over 10 carats, but fine gems of more than 50 carats are also seen on the market. Smaller stones cut to standard sizes are affordable and readily available.

Benefits of Peridot Stone

  1. It is a stone that gives peace and tranquility with its period color which can be found as a result of deep research.

  2. This special stone, which is believed to bring both health and happiness. First of all, it is a stone that brings luck to its user.

  3. Peridot stone is one of the symbols of the royal family which was used in the art of jewelry during the ancient Egyptian period.

  4. Peridot stone is a very well-established stone that is considered to be a very noble list.

  5. Peridot stone, which maintains the working order of kidneys, is a solution to all diseases that may occur.

Care Instructions of Peridot Stone

The peridot is an exceptionally beautiful gemstone, and with a little extra care will remain lustrous for years to come. Here are a few tips that will help it stay spotless.

  1. Store your peridot jewelry separately from other gemstones to avoid friction.

  2. You could also consider wrapping it in a soft cloth and placing it inside a fabric-lined protected jewelry box.

  3. Avoid wearing this gem when engaging in rigorous household chores or outdoor activities.

  4. Keep away from cosmetics and harsh chemicals, such as cleaning agents.

  5. Sudden temperature change and excessive heat must be avoided as they can cause the color of the stone to fade.

  6. Use a mild soap and warm water solution for cleaning, and a soft cloth for drying.

  7. Do not use ultrasonic cleaners.

  8. Consider getting your peridot jewelry professionally cleaned, at least once a year.

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