Lifetime Warranty

Rosec Jewels cares about their valuable customers and have laid down policies and procedures to offer them a complimentary and extended warranty. We are grateful to have you with us and we believe in long-term relationships. A lifetime warranty is offered to each of our customer who have completed every stage of the order and has received the product.

Eligibility Criteria for Return/ Exchange/ Refund

We are here to guide you and assist you even after the completion of the order. After receiving your order, you may request a return and refund or exchange of the product. Please ensure the product is in the same condition as was received by you without any damage, scratch, bend, etc. We offer a FREE pick-up facility for the return or exchange requests placed by our customers.

Services included in Our Free Lifetime Warranty Plan

There is two coverage of the Lifetime Warranty Plan:

• Tightening of gemstone/diamond for a lifetime, free from any additional cost.

• Cleaning and re-polishing of jewelry, free from any additional cost.

Services included in Our Extended Warranty Plans

The extended warranty of an additional time of 6 months can be availed during the completion of the order by including “Add-on” and selecting “Extended warranty”.

There is the following coverage in the Extended Warranty Plan:

• 6 months extension to return and refund (in the same condition without any damage, scratches, bend, etc.)

• Resizing

• Cleaning

• Stone Tightening

• Re-Rhodium Polishing

• Bend Repairing

• Scratches Repairing

Please Note- The Extended Warranty Plan doesn’t stop the Lifetime Warranty Plan rather is an add-on to the same.


What is the charge for an extended warranty plan?

The additional charges for the plan will be mentioned in the order summary.

How long does the extended warranty plan last?

The extended warranty plan is valid for 6 months from the date of exhausting the free warranty of 30 days.

What is the process of availing refund?

The process of availing refund is simple. You can request the same by clicking on “My Order” and selecting the option to return along with the reason for the request. The order will be picked up and a refund will be initiated after confirmation of the eligibility criteria for the refund.

How long is the process to get the product repaired or cleaned?

The period depends upon the complexity of the task. On average, it can take 1-2 weeks.

What documentation is required to request the repair or cleaning of the product?

No documentation is required as your account will reflect the eligibility status for the repair or cleaning of the product.

Can I cancel my order of extended warranty plan?

Yes, you are eligible to cancel your extended warranty plan during the 30 days of free warranty

What circumstances can make my warranty void?

In case you get your product treated by any third-party in any manner including polishing, resizing, etc. The extended warranty plan shall become void.

How can I check the current status or remaining time of my warranty plan?

The information about the same is reflected in your account. Please check the same.