About Citrine

Getting its name from the French word for lemon, citrine is the most significant kind of quartz gemstone, extending in shading from pure yellow to a brownish shade. So Citrine is known as the November Birthstone. Truly the lovely brilliant, lemon hued gems. With the winter setting in, gradually, this gem is only the ideal touch you have to give you the brilliant summery inclination. Your month may be loaded up with weddings and celebrations and subsequently, This Citrine Gemstone Jewellery Like Rings, Earring, Pendant and Bracelets studded gems will work.

Citrine pushes out the cynicism from your Mind. It has the intrinsic otherworldly attributes which prompt positive vitality and diminishes gloom in the life of the wearer. It prompts clairvoyant development with improved clearness and self-confidence.

This Citrine gemstone shows achievement and thriving. Because of this, it is being named as 'Success Stone'. It is an appearance of Riches and Good Karma.

Citrine helps to boost the Physical Healing Properties like vitality-boosting qualities that improve Energy Level, Stamina, Intelligence, Concentration, Wisdom and more.

Wearing gems produced using Citrine gem will support satisfaction, eagerness, bring achievement and improve power levels. The warm shade of this stone is related to the sun and light.

Citrine available in these 4 shades (Actual Photos Below)

Actual Photos of Citrine

These are some actual pictures which we use in our products. They are clicked in Day Light. The actual stone color may slightly vary as due to screen resolution limitation actual shade cannot be captured. Still if you need any clarification you can contact us.


Citrine Size Chart ( approximate weight in carat )

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