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About Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz is the customary Birthstone for November. Its hardness, lucidity, toughness, magnificence, and moderateness have made it mainstream and numerous individuals use it in elaborate pieces of jewelry Like Ring, Earring, Pendant, and Bracelet. It is enthusiastically suggested for individuals who are celebrating their fourth anniversary. It is an amazingly alluring gemstone. It is accessible financially at truly sensible costs. Along these lines, numerous individuals everywhere throughout the world use it as jewelry. A topaz stone is liberally accessible and arrives in a ton of shading, for example, orange, red, maroon, dim, yellow, pink and numerous different hues, however, the Blue topaz stone is viewed as the most well-known one.

Blue Topaz helps in improving correspondence and self-articulation of individuals. So it is suggested for the individuals who are feeble in articulating their contemplations. Blue is a very quieting shading and is likewise the shading for throat chakra so individuals wear it around the neck.

It helps in giving internal harmony, mental security and balances the Thyroid organ. It has unmistakable vitality for reinforcing strengthening psychic, so it helps in improving and enhancing the blessings that you as of now have.

It can get tuned with the blessed messengers of truth and knowledge without any problem. Along these lines, it causes contemplation to interface with your internal identity. This gemstone is exceptionally helpful for voyagers, specialists, sales reps for shielding them from threat and homesickness.

It is valuable in expelling awful signs, quieting outrage and mending poor vision. Its vibration helps in joining the body and psyche with the spirit. It is a demonstrated decent stone for scholars since it helps in communicating in a superior way.

Actual Photos of Blue Topaz (Swiss)

These are some actual pictures which we use in our products. They are clicked in Day Light. The actual stone color may slightly vary as due to screen resolution limitation actual shade cannot be captured. Still if you need any clarification you can contact us.


Blue Topaz Size Chart ( approximate weight in carat )

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