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About Yellow Sapphire Wedding Rings

The yellow sapphire wedding rings are an spectacular range of wedding rings for women with a knack for a rare beauty to radiate their glamour on their dream day. The fabulous saturation of this yellow member of the sapphire family is a desirable color those who are looking for fancy sapphires in the wedding bands. This rare catch in nature as corundum mineral bestow great durability on the yellow sapphire wedding bands. Their considerable hardness helps our artisans to curate an assorted collection of wedding rings for women from all the walks of life.

Fascinating yellow sapphires rings for wedding featuring the adorable shades of yellow helps in handcrafting wedding band rings that are an amalgamation of traditions with latest trends. Therefore, for women with a taste for an elegant and heart warming look, the lapidarist at Rosec Jewels adhere to the quality factors of Yellow Sapphires for utmost quality. Along with combining different hues of gold namely yellow gold, white gold and rose gold we further aim at diversifying our range of gold sapphire bands.

Yellow Sapphire Wedding Ring Meaning

Yellow sapphires wedding rings are believed to bring prosperity, luck and wisdom to the wearer.

Ponder Over the 4 C’s of Yellow Sapphire Wedding Bands

  • Color: Yellow sapphires range from pastel light and lemon yellow, to deep orange-yellow to bright golden yellow which offers great versatility while crafting wedding rings for women.
  • Clarity: The transparent yellow sapphire wedding bands should be examined for eye-clean inclusions before buying them.
  • Cut: Yellow Sapphires are cut in different styles and shapes to improve their clarity and color up to a great extent.
  • Carat: The weight of Yellow Sapphires is measured in terms of Carat Weight and usually shortened to Carat or Cts.

Yellow Sapphire Wedding Band FAQs

  1. Is yellow sapphire good for wedding ring?

    Yellow sapphires are gaining popularity for their vibrant yellow hues and are quite durable to be used in crafting wedding bands for women.

  2. What does yellow sapphire mean in a wedding band?

    Long associated with divine grace and power, yellow sapphire band ring would be a right choice of ring for the wedding ceremony.

  3. How much will a yellow sapphire wedding ring cost?

    A yellow sapphire wedding band can cost you somewhere between $500 to $3000 based on the quality factors of yellow sapphires, metal quality and embellishments.

  4. Can you wear yellow sapphire wedding ring daily?

    Yellow sapphires belonging to the corundum family tend to be quite durable and their exceptional hardness make them scratch resistance, thus we can say that one can comfortably wear yellow sapphire wedding rings on daily basis but we also advise you to refrain from wearing them on outdoor activities.

  5. What is a gemstone certificate?

    A gemstone certificate is issued on behalf of any reputed organization like the SGL to define a yellow sapphire in wedding rings on all the quality factors namely color, clarity, cut and carat.