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About Smoky Quartz Bracelet

Dark brown, with a chocolate-like hue, the attractive Smoky Quartz stone comes from the quartz mineral family. it’s offbeat shade has made it very popular in the modern times. Amethyst, citrine, and rose quartz are some of the other stones that belong to the same mineral, and all are popular as jewelry stones.

Smoky quartz bracelets are a great option to accessorize your outfits. No only they give you an alluring look but also add the extra needed charm to your personality. With us you variety of different styles of bracelet that includes, bolo bracelet, tennis bracelet, bangle bracelet and station chain bracelet. Smoky quartz, being a June birthstone, is an ideal one to gift to June babies.

Smoky Quartz Bracelet Buying Guide

Like diamonds and other gemstones, 4 C’s remain the important factor is determining the value of the stone. Depending on which shade of smoky quartz you are choosing, which quality of clarity and cut you prefer, and how many carats of gemstone you want in your bracelet, will determine its worth.

Every gemstone comes with specified details regarding these factors and also a quality grade. The grades are as follows:

  • AAA: Best Quality

    These gemstones are flawless with superior color, clarity, and fine cutting. Their brilliance is eye-catching.

  • AA: Better Quality

    The gemstones are of very good quality with the exceptional clarity, color, and cutting but less superior to AAA grade gem. In price, it is low as compared to AAA-grade stone jewelry.

  • A: Good Quality

    They have desirable clarity, color, and cut. These ones can be heavily embedded and cannot be spotted with the naked eye.

    By looking at these grades, one can have idea about its overall quality.

FAQs about Smoky Quartz

  1. What is so special about Smoky Quartz ?

    Smoky Quartz is known for its unique color, which attracts a lot of young and modern people. Also, it is an affordable option due to their presence in abundance.

  2. How do I clean smoky quartz jewelry?

    Clean smoky quartz with warm soapy water and a toothbrush, and scrub it. Let it air dry, or dry it with a soft cloth.

    Remember to take off smoky quartz jewelry before you do any engaging activity, as it should not be exposed to harsh chemicals.

    Store your smoky quartz jewelry in a separate box that is padded and soft.

  3. How to differentiate between smoky quartz jewelry and brown diamond jewelry ?

    Brown diamonds have fire. They sparkle brilliantly, which is not the case with smoky quartz. Brown diamonds are more durable than smoky quartz.