About Rose Quartz Bracelet

Pale pink in color, rose quartz is from the quartz mineral family. This one stone is much loved for its blush hue and magical aura by gem and crystal enthusiasts both. Its deep-colored varieties can also be found like; strawberry rose quartz and lavender rose quartz.

Rose quartz is commonly used for the healing properties it offers in the area of love and emotions. It’s soft and gentle shade signifies pure love. It is believed that one who wears rose quartz jewelry finds the capability to receive and give love. Thus, we have brought you this charming gem in the form of bracelets. Rose Quartz bracelets are ideal to be gifted as an expression of your pure love.

Because love is the most important component of life, this gem becomes a must-have in order to keep love going strong.

Guide to buy Rose Quartz Jewelry

  • Carat

    Rose quartz is easily found in large sizes. The size of the stone is more important than its carat weight in determining the value as each stone comes with different density.

  • Cut

    Rose quartz is easily found in large sizes. The size of the stone is more important than its carat weight in determining its value, as each stone comes with a different density.

  • Clarity

    Rose quartz has a translucent appearance owing to imperfections that can be seen only with microscopic eyes.

  • Color

    Rose quartz is delicate pink in color. Check the color’s uniformity, as gems with even color are more desirable.

  • Grades
    1. AAA: Best Quality
    2. AA: Better
    3. A: Good

    With every Rose Quartz Bracelet, you will find the grades and details in regard to its carat, cut, color and clarity.

FAQs about Rose Quartz Jewelry

  1. Is rose quartz good to wear every day?

    Rose quartz is great to wear everyday as it is a durable stone that can stay with you for a lifetime. In fact, it is an ideal choice for everyday use.

  2. Why should I wear a rose quartz bracelet?

    You should wear a Rose Quartz bracelet because it heals and makes one capable of expressing love for oneself and for others. Also, it is an enticing accessory to wear and flaunt.

  3. How can I tell if the rose quartz is real?

    Rose quartz is cold to touch and has no transparency, but the fake ones can be transparent pink with a smooth surface and without any white streaks. Also, rose quartz is a commonly occurring stone, its fake versions rarely get circulated.

  4. Is rose quartz good to wear as jewelry ?

    Yes, it is perfect to be worn as jewelry, as that is the easiest way to keep this stone closer to you. Also, its pink shade has made it so popular that we can see a variety of rose quartz jewelry today, including engagement rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Bracelets and rings are the most common.

  5. Is rose quartz expensive?

    Rose quartz is inexpensive as compared to other gemstones, but it is the most expensive in the quartz family. 1 carat of rose quartz can be grabbed at $100 per carat. The price fluctuates with the appearance and overall quality of the stone.

  6. Which metal should I wear with Rose Quartz jewelry ?

    We offer our Rose Quartz jewelry in yellow, pink, and white gold. Each metal brings out the rose quartz jewelry differently. Rose gold brings out the best as both shades of pink and red compliment each other well. Yellow gold gives it a vintage look, whereas white gold gives it a modern appearance.