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About Pink Sapphire Bracelets

Ruby and Blue sapphire are not the only the gifts that we have got from corundum mineral family but the it has bestowed us with other treasures like yellow, green, white and pink sapphires. The gemstone receives its color due to the presence of iron, magnesium, copper and chromium. In case of pink sapphire, the percentage of chromium decides intensity of pink color.

Its feminine hue has made it a popular choice among women. They prefer pink sapphire jewelry for their wedding and other special occasions. If you are thinking of making a stylish statement that is pretty and delightful, Pink Sapphire Bracelets can be the apt choice.

Pink Sapphire Bracelet Buying Guide

Buying one can be effortless, if you know the following things;

  • Styles that you can opt for:

    Solitaire, halo, bezel, three stone, five stone

    Vintage, contemporary, trendy

    Bold, minimal

    Flower motif, heart shape, cross sign, nature inspired

  • Types of bracelets for you:

    Tennis Bracelet

    Station chain Bracelet

    Charm Bracelet

    Bangle Bracelet

    Open cuff Bracelet

    Bolo Bracelet

  • Factor that determine the value:

    Color: Vibrant pink hue with purple overtone

    Clarity: Most pink sapphires have inclusions. Go for VS (very slightly included) or VVS (very very slightly included)

    Cut: Well proportioned, maximized brilliance, commonly available shapes are round, royal, marquise, princess and pear cut.

    Carat: Carat weight decides the worth of gemstone. Choosing the size is a personal choice.

  • Grades:

    These grades are given after the assessment of gemstone’s color, clarity, cut and carat

    1. AAA: Best Quality
    2. AA: Better Quality
    3. A: Good Quality

FAQs about Pink Sapphire Bracelets

  1. Is pink sapphire rare ?

    Pink sapphire is a rare gemstone and high demand make them pricey. But it is less costlier than pink diamonds and thus remains its affordable alternate.

  2. How to tell if pink sapphire is real?

    Natural pink sapphires have inclusions, which can be seen with microscopic eyes. In case on looking with microscope it appears clear, then the high chances are it is a fake stone.

  3. What does pink sapphire symbolize?

    Pink sapphire symbolizes love, sensitivity, empathy, and femininity.

  4. How much does a pink sapphire cost ?

    Pink sapphire will cost $900 - $ 3000 per carat

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