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About Orange Sapphire Bracelets

Here is a rare and radiant species of sapphire, the orange sapphire. They are very difficult to find in a natural, untreated state. 99% of them are treated for their color and clarity. Orange Sapphire’s hue can range from pale orange to vivid orange. Its fiery, glowing appearance can smitten your heart in a single glance. Corundum's mineral has given some precious gems to the world, and this is one of them.

This vivacious gemstone, a symbol of joy and enthusiasm, is ideal for jewelry. Orange sapphire bracelets can uplift your radiance when accessorised with special outfits. Rosec Jewels has created a significant variety of different styles of orange sapphire bracelets that suit different occasions and different women. While you explore the options for yourself, you must know a few factors that contribute to the right quality of jewelry.

Orange Sapphire Bracelets Buying Guide

  • Color:

    Medium saturation, vivid orange, looks vibrant from every angle.

  • Clarity:

    The ideal one is eye-clean, which is easy to get since all orange sapphires are treated for their imperfections.

  • Cut:

    Symmetrical, well proportionate. A fine cut will enhance the brilliance.

  • Carat:

    Sapphire price increases with increase in carat owing to their high density.

FAQs About Orange Sapphire

  1. What does orange sapphire do?

    Orange sapphire infuses life force and increases fertility.

  2. How can you tell if Orange Sapphire is real?

    A breath test is the easiest way to know if the orange sapphire is real or fake. Take the gem close to the mouth and breathe on it. If the fog clears immediately, then it's real, and if it takes more than 3–4 seconds to clear up, then your sapphire is mostly glass.

  3. Does orange sapphire break easily ?

    Orange sapphire is a very durable stone with the core 9 on mohs scale so, no it does not break easily.

  4. What is orange sapphire worth?

    Depending on the grades, orange sapphire is priced from $1,200 to $2,000 per carat.