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About New Arrival Engagement Rings

In Rosec Jewels new collection, you can find assortment of different styles and designs that ranges from modern to antique and from trendy to extravagant. Let’s have a look what array of options you get while choosing your engagement ring with us.

Modern Engagement Rings

Here, you will get a variety of options like; colored gemstone rings, solitaire rings, halo rings, and fancy-shape rings.

We have crafted some vibrant-looking colored gemstone engagement rings, like; an oval-shaped Ruby Engagement Ring or Blue Sapphire Floral Halo Ring, Moonstone Engagement Ring. Colored gemstones are available in all kinds of trending styles like halo, vintage, marquise, pear, and oval cut. Colored stones adorned in different settings and patterns give you a number of choices to find something that suits your personality.

There are also engagement rings for women with modern tastes, such as big and bold center stones surrounded by halo for those who like it grand and glittery; bypass rings with a center stone done in fancy cuts like pear and round; and classic solitaires in round, oval, heart, cushion, and princess cut stones set on a sleek plain shank or designer shank like the Celtic and split shank.

Apart from gleaming halos, there are rings with hidden halos. Diamonds or moissanites adorned beneath the center stone accentuate the center stone. They look pretty alluring and are perfect for the look where you want it shine without being over the top or bold.

Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

Vintage rings come with intricate work on the shank, including filgree and bead motifs on the shank. They are designed in halo, clusters, three stones, milgrain, and art deco. Antique-style rings look artistic and are loved for their aesthetic appeal. The rings are immediately attention-grabbing because of their unique styling. The gifts of the past are much more worthy of what we have today. So, if you wish to stand out and have an artistic eye, go for an antique engagement ring.

Designer Collection

Our designer collection has attractive designs where we blend modern and old or sometimes keep it totally new. These rings will captivate your heart with their unique appearance. They help you to truly express yourself and give the ring a personalised touch. For instance, check out an Asscher cut moissanite engagement ring that comes with an attractive setting that holds the center stone and moissanite accents on the shank that create a sparkling effect.

Two Stone and Three Stone Engagement Ring

Two-stone rings and three-stone rings come in all kinds of varieties, be they antique or modern, minimal or loud, with or without a halo. You can see rings where stones are embellished in different kinds of settings. Two stones on a bypass ring shank, two distinctly shaped gemstones on top of a plain ring shank, or a two stone open cuff ring are examples.Similarly, a three-stone ring comes with colored gemstones or a combination of colored and colorless gemstones, and mostly they are surrounded by a halo.

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