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About Gifts between $1000-$1500

A gift of jewelry is imprinted into the heart of the receiver forever. When you’re carrying a budget between $1000-$1500, you’re facilitated with a wide range of options. A variety of gemstone jewelry of different shapes and sizes and a number of versatile designs. Come, lock on your favorite gift between $1000-$1500.

  • Rings: As you set your budget higher, designs become more elaborate and versatile. Let’s give you a glance:
  1. Bridal Ring Set: A wedding or bridal ring set is something she’d forever hold close to her heart, making for the most romantic gifts of all times.
  2. Initial Ring: No better than a personalized gift, don’t you agree? Initial rings fall under the prices range of $1000-$1500 making for one of the most meaningful gifts of all times for your loved ones.
  3. Wedding Band: Say ‘I do’ a lot more louder, by gifting wedding bands studded with gemstones/diamonds to commemorate your special day.
  4. Engagement ring with halo/side stones: With a budget of $1000-$1500, you’re facilitated with a wide variety of choices, specially when it comes to gemstones and designs. A little more elaborate engagement rings studded with halo, double halo and side stones fall under this category.
  • Earrings:  Earrings are one true love of every woman. Probably why it makes for such a great gift at all occasions. Let’s give you a tour of earrings between $1000-$1500:
  1. Dangle Drop Earrings: A pair of Dangle Drop Earrings carries a class of its own, elaborate and fancy, making for a sought after gift between $1000-$1500.
  2. Cluster Earrings: Fashioned with a number of gemstones clustered together, earrings belonging to this category make for an elaborate style statement, making for a sought after gift between $1000-$1500.
  3. Climber and Crawler Earrings: Bold and beautiful: Climber and Crawler Earrings truly make for an interesting gift specially when crafted in an infinity shape along adding a romantic touch.
  4. Pearl Drop Earrings: Another unique kind falling under this category are pearl drop earrings making for a graceful pick for women to be gifted on any occasions, specially mother’s day, anniversaries.
  • Pendants: Necklace is one form of accessory that elevates the grace quotient of our entire look like no other, and when presented as a gift, it carries great deal of emotional value. Let’s take a look:
  1. Heart Infinity Necklace: When you fall short of words, a heart infinity necklace expresses your love with pure beauty and diligence. Hands down, one of the most romantic necklaces under $1500.
  2. Art Deco Necklace: One of the most sought after gifts under $ 1500 for all the vintage lovers out there. It is fashioned with abstract designs that carry a vintage touch.
  3. Evil Eye Necklace: Making for a meaningful present for your loved ones, an evil eye necklace acts as a protective shield reminiscent of your love. A fashionable token of love indeed!
  4. Jewelry Set: Falling under this category is another special kind: the ultimate statement maker: a Jewelry Set adorned with gemstones/pearl.
  • Bracelets: Be it a twin heart bracelet that tells the world out loud that you two are meant to be one or a butterfly chain bracelet that is pure elegance in the form of jewelry, bracelets between $1000-$1500 are just too gorgeous to miss.