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About Green Sapphire Bracelets

We all have known sapphire mostly as Blue Sapphire. Due to its association with royals and high-end people, the world has a good idea of what blue sapphire is. But did you know that, apart from vivid blue color gems, corundum produces different colored sapphires like’ pink, yellow, white, and green? There are a variety of striking shades from pale green to deep green under the range of green sapphire, and all are much loved and bought.

Green hue is the symbol of rejuvenation, rebirth, and relaxation, and green sapphire is known to bestow on its wearer all these essential elements in life. For its stunning and soothing presence, green sapphire jewelry has gained much popularity recently. Along with the mentioned factors, its highly durable nature makes it a good alternative to other green gemstones, including emerald. Hence, we have green sapphire bracelets for you to flaunt a subtle yet stunning style statement.

Before you choose one for yourself, here are a few things you must know:

  • Styles that you can opt for:

    Solitaire, halo, bezel, three stone, five stone

    Vintage, contemporary, trendy

    Bold, minimal

    Flower motif, heart shape, cross sign, nature inspired

  • Types of bracelets for you:

    Tennis Bracelet

    Station chain Bracelet

    Charm Bracelet

    Bangle Bracelet

    Open cuff Bracelet

    Bolo Bracelet

  • Factor that determine the value:

    Color: Even distribution of colors, intense or striking green.

    Clarity: Thin inclusions like needles are present, but because of heat treatment, these inclusions don’t affect the gemstone.

    Cut: symmetrical cut, light being reflected from correct angles, overall brilliance.

    Carat: The value of green sapphire increases significantly with the increase in price.

  • Grades:

    These grades are given after the assessment of gemstone’s color, clarity, cut and carat

    1. AAA: Best Quality
    2. AA: Better Quality
    3. A: Good

FAQs about Green Sapphire Bracelet

  1. How are green sapphires different from emeralds?

    Emeralds are more vivid green as compared to green sapphires. Green sapphires are striking, but they are more soothing. Also, green sapphires are high in durability.

  2. Is green sapphire expensive?

    Green sapphire is an inexpensive gemstone. It costs between $ 140 and $1200.

  3. Are green sapphires rare ?

    Yes, green sapphire is a rare gemstone, but it is not well known, so it’s easy to procure green sapphire jewelry at a low price.

  4. What does green sapphire mean?

    Green sapphire means growth, renewal and constant involvement in life. It is also symbol of serene and restful.

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