White Sapphire Rings

White Sapphire Rings


About White Sapphire Rings  

White sapphire rings crafted by our artisans speaks for the sparkling beauty of this lookalike of diamond. With keep attention to metal details and the gemstone quality, the whole process of crafting gold rings is supervised by our experts. The goal is to combine latest trends with traditions for jewelry lovers who are in constant pursuit for rings for every occasions. Thus, we at Rosec Jewels have curated a collection of white sapphire engagement rings and white sapphire wedding rings for women who desire the feel of diamonds.  

Our gemologists ensure the quality of white sapphires by adhering to the 4 C’s of the gemstone. Only after quality assurance, white sapphires are combined with colorful gold, creating wide range of gold white sapphire rings to choose from. Although, white sapphire rings in yellow gold are best suited for a vintage look, white sapphire rose gold rings are a latest jewelry trend in fashion.  


Benefits of White Sapphire Ring 

White sapphire is the symbolism of beauty, power and luxury. The birthstone of April is thought to bring good and positive things to the wearer. 


Points to Remember While Buying White Sapphire Rings

  • Color

    White sapphires are graded on the basis of transparent to milky white appearance. However, a soft, white glow in white sapphire ring will be valued more as compared to chalkiness.  

  • Clarity

    Transparency arise due to the purity of white sapphire and hence any inclusion will degrade the quality and fetch lower prices of white sapphire rings.  

  • Cut

    In case of the White Sapphires, we are in debt of the cutters who with their skills cut them in different styles and shapes to improve their clarity and color up to an extent. 

  • Carat

    The weight of White Sapphires is measured in terms of Carat Weight and usually shortened to Carat or Cts. 

White Sapphire Rings FAQs  

  1. Who should wear white sapphire rings? 

    Since white sapphire is the birthstone of April, hence White Sapphire Rings are a fitting choice for people born in April.  

  2. How to take care of White Sapphire Ring? 

    While cleaning white sapphire ring make use of lukewarm water and mild cleaning detergent. Soft toothbrush can be used to clean the underside of the white sapphire. Also, the ring must be individually kept to avoid contact with other jewelry to avoid unnecessary scratches. 

  3. Which finger is best for wearing White Sapphire Rings? 

    White sapphire rings can be worn on the middle or small finger of either hand for best results.  

  4. Can I wear my white sapphire ring everyday? 

    White sapphires rate 9 on Mohs scale of hardness making them hardest gemstones after diamond. Thus making white sapphire rings quite durable in daily wear.  

  5. Can white sapphire be worn in gold? 

    For best results white sapphire should be worn in white gold or silver in the form of white sapphire rings or pendants.  

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