Wedding Band

Wedding Band


What Is a Wedding Ring Or a Wedding Band?

Wedding band is usually exchanged at the time of wedding and is worn in the ring finger of the left hand. It indicates that the person is married. A wedding band usually has a plain and simple shank though usually the wedding bands of men and women differ in looks and style. Nowadays couple wedding bands are inrage too. These bands bear similarity for the bands of both partners.

Since wedding bands symbolise matrimony and are an indication of eternal love, they must be chosen with utmost care and thought keeping in mind various things such as each other’s choice.

How To Wear a Wedding Band?

Wedding Band is usually worn over the engagement ring in the ring finger of the left hand. Though this is the traditional way that is usually followed, there are couples who wear engagement rings over the wedding bands and some even shift their engagement rings to the right hand when they start to wear wedding rings. .

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