Tsavorite Rings  -  Lab Created

Tsavorite Rings - Lab Created


Tsavorite Rings and Their Significance

Tsavorites are gorgeous green gemstones. They are extremely rare to find (they require special conditions to form) and thus are considered to be a very valued possession. Named after Tsavo National Park in Kenya (where it was first found), Tsavorite is found in Kenya, Tanzania and Madagascar.

Tsavorite Rings are associated with soothing the emotional stages in a relationship specifically if one has already been through a traumatic past or a broken relationship. It helps in building and encouraging new trust and the bright green color dissipate the feeling of inadequacy. Tsavorite is also associated with reducing anxieties and financial troubles and increasing imagination and creativity. It is believed to work with the heart chakra which is a closet of feelings, expressions and emotions which connect human beings with the outer world.

Is Tsavorite A Good Choice For Engagement Rings?

Tsavorite is an excellent choice for the engagement rings due to these reasons:
  • It is a rare stone. It requires special conditions to form and thus is very rare in occurrence.
  • It has a gorgeous green color which uplifts the mood like none else.
  • It looks amazing with all skin tones and can uplift your looks!
  • It looks great with all the gold varieties for metal bands (rose, white, yellow gold)
  • Its value will only increase in the times to come since it is a rare gem and the geographical mining locations are very very limited.
  • It can be used as a Heirloom Ring as it comes at par with all the qualities that are attributed to the heirloom rings.

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