October Birthstone - Tourmaline Rings

October Birthstone - Tourmaline Rings

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Tourmaline And Its Significance

Tourmaline is a semi precious stone that comes in a wide range of colors. It is rumoured to be born of the rare energy of a rainbow. This stone holds a special place in the hearts of jewelry designers and gemstone enthusiasts. The worldwide popularity of the stone is due to the fact that it is a bright and beautiful stone and also because it is high quality that is affordable and can be used in jewelry designs.

It is considered to be the gem of artists and poets. It is said that Shakespeare kept a wide variety of tourmaline rings to keep his writer’s block at bay. Tourmaline is the birthstone for the month of October. Tourmaline has a reputation of being the stone of reconciliation, one that cultivates cool-headedness and compassion. It is said that Tourmaline radiates energy that attracts friendship, money, and healing. It is used for grounding the energies, to stay connected to the roots. Tourmaline rings are a great way to ensure these benefits are flowing in your partner..

How To Choose Best Tourmaline For Engagement Rings?

Tourmaline can be judged for its quality by 4C’s i.e. Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat Weight.Hue, tone and color saturation defines the quality of the tourmaline wherein, hue means the color that is perceivable to the human eye. Tone is the spectrum of lightness to darkness of a color sensation in the stone. Color saturation refers to how flamboyant or deep the colors in the stone are. The gemstone must be checked for Dichroism. Look for a tourmaline with beautiful symmetrical cuts, good light refraction, beautifully placed facets and good return of light. Bigger crystals are rare and very hard to find thus are more valuable than smaller crystals.

Buy Tourmaline Rings From Rosec Jewels

Here at Rosec Jewels, we deal in a wide variety of tourmaline rings. Built to perfection, these rings are crafted to last and provide an array of choice! Tourmaline rings are the perfect rings to give your partner as the stone is so beautiful and spreads positivity and light. She will be looking at the ring everyday, so, make it worth her while. A beautiful thing in the morning can work wonders for the entire day, it can make or mar the mood. Thus, a beautiful tourmaline engagement ring can work wonders for the entire day. We have, wide wedding bands, vintage solitaire rings, half eternity bands, heart shaped wedding rings, tourmaline rings in cushion cut, round cut etc, Art deco rings and the like. We offer the rings in 10k,14k,18k variety and in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold variants. We source authentic gems and high quality gold for your rings.

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