Tear Drop Earrings

Tear Drop Earrings

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What Are Teardrop Earrings?

Teardrop earrings as the name suggests look like a teardrop in design. Teardrop earrings are symbolic of emotions. They represent precious souvenirs for the expression of the lost loved ones, or given to lovers as a present of love.

Teardrops often represent the emotions and their depths. Teardrop earrings are often gifted to show how deeply you feel for your bride to be. The style, color, design of the earrings can convey a lot about the emotions that you hold in your heart. Teardrop earrings can also be gifted to your mom, sister, best friend to show how special they are to you. These earrings hold a special place in the hearts of lovers as they convey the feelings and emotions very easily, sometimes even better than what our tongues can speak! The importance of the jewelry design and color must not be underrated. They speak volumes about how you feel and how much the person means to you.

Why Choose Teardrop Earrings?

Teardrop Earrings are very special as in they are meaningful and hold a super special place in the heart of the wearer and giver both. These earrings represent “joy and excitement” in the greek culture because of the significance of teardrops over there. Chinese culture gives it the symbolism of perseverance just like water which is soft but can pierce hard stones. Japanese culture attributes purity and innocence to the teardrops because water is the purest thing in the world and can wash all the dirty things which can purify everything.

Some of the reasons that you must buy teardrop earrings are:

  • Representation: They represent depth, purity, innocence, love and longing for each other. Just like tears that flow when you are happy and joyful or sorrowful, these earrings can mean joy, ecstasy and sorrow depending upon the occasion you gift it for!
  • Pairability: Teardrop earrings can be paired with other accessories. Provided that you don’t over do the accessorization, teardrop earrings can convey the best of the emotions with grace.
  • Versatile: Teardrop earrings are versatile as in they look really well with all the looks. They add the grace and delicate looks to your already stunning personality. They pair really well with the daily office outfits as well.
  • Great for daily wear: Depending upon the style, teardrops look great for daily wear purposes.

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